Who revealed that Pam was pregnant in the show The Office

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In the season five finale (and 100th episode) of the show The Office, it was revealed that Pam and Jim are expecting a baby.ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-revealed-that-pam-was-pregnant-in-the-show-the-office ]
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Who revealed that Pam was pregnant in the show The Office
In the season five finale (and 100th episode) of the show The Office, it was revealed that Pam and Jim are expecting a baby.ChaCha

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Q: Any tears I obtained from hearing and watching “The Gossip” was from solely laughter and enjoyment. The Office, a sitcom comedy show, began in 2005 based on the BBC TV series The Office (2001). Since then, it has well deservedly won many various awards. For instance, over the past three out four years it was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, and won this Emmy Award in 2006 and 2008. Michael Schur, the writer of this show, received and Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in 2007 and was nominated two other years. The actors were so terrific that most of them have won top awards. Steve Carell, who plays the boss, was nominated by Teen Choice Awards for TV- Choice Actor: Comedy for the past four years, and he won in 2007 and 2008. Also, he was nominated for Best Performance by An Actor in a television series – Musical or Comedy for the past four years and won the Golden Globe in 2006. Other actors, such as Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson have also received many awards for their performances.This comedy is great for late teenagers and working adults since it approaches an area of one’s life with humor that most dread, working. Currently, most shows are centered on home life, solving crimes, and unreal reality shows, like Survivor or American Idol. This show brings the audience into life-like situations by the presence of a single-camera setup that the actors occasionally look at or talk to. For instance, the season six premier of The Office, “The Gossip”, is a great example of a situation that almost anyone in the workforce faces, false facts told to various persons about you or someone you know.One area that makes this show most entertaining is its consistency of its unique list of odd, yet life like characters played by prestigious actors. Michael, the manager of the office, is portrayed by Steve Carell (Evan Almighty, 2007; producer of The Office). This show is especially hilarious because of Michael. He appears to be self-centered, but in the long run, he is willing to sacrifice everything for the success and well being of the office and its workers. Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is the assistant to the regional manager, which his complete character is described when he persistently insists his title is assistant regional manager, Michael’s laid back best friend, Jim (John Krasinski), is always right by his side when he needs him most. Jim’s fiancée, Pam (Jenna Fischer), never fails to add in the most sarcastic remark in an uncomfortable situation. Lastly, the show is made complete with all the numerous supporting cast members. Another element that is unique to this show is its humor. If you’re looking for a comedy show that is 30 Rock meets Office Space, this is definitely the show for you. Unlike other sitcoms that use laugh tracks and a studio audience, this show solely relies on its humor. This to me is a bold move because it demonstrates a genuine trust in its actors, characters, plot, and material to make a viewer laugh. It utilizes adult humor, sarcasm, and irony to create a giant delicious guacamole mixture of laughter. For example, in the season’s premier, “The Gossip”, Michael feels “Out of the loop” when everyone in the office knew about two interns that were dating each other. He then becomes so thrilled and proud when he obtains a piece of information that no one else in the office knows. Naturally, he thrives on the joy of gossiping to others a small piece of knowledge only he knows, Stanley having an affair. When the gossip he tells reveals to be true, he begins telling outrageous gossips about other co-workers, such as Kelly being anorexic to Pam being pregnant, in hopes of everyone to believe nothing, including Stanley’s affair. Not everyone, though, is a fan of this show or its humor. If you do not enjoy sitcoms and one with sarcastic comedy, you will not appreciate this show since sarcasm is at its foundation. It is usually used by workers in response to Michael’s comments or orders. Sarcasm is also used with another aspect that The Office thrives on, putting the actors and the audience in awkward situations, like when Michael begins gossiping about co-workers in this opening show. Perhaps everyone would enjoy this show if they would watch the show to its conclusion. Because of the show’s use of ironic comedy I could not predict how the ending would unravel when one little gossip turned into risking many people’s reputation, and ultimately their life. Thankfully, whenever this show brings up an issue, such as Pam being pregnant from last season’s closing show, it always resolves the issue. Moreover, with every resolution rises another problem, thus keeping me earnestly waiting for the next show. Season six premier of The Office, “The gossip”, was on all levels satisfying to my expectations. The combination of great actors, characters, plot, and comedy styles made the show enjoyable. Overall, teenagers and
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