Who was the 1st pregnant man

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Thomas Beatie was the first pregnant man (in that he passed as male in society)but still had a uterus which enabled his pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-was-the-1st-pregnant-man ]
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Who was the 1st pregnant man
Thomas Beatie was the first pregnant man (in that he passed as male in society)but still had a uterus which enabled his pregnancy.
Is the Nae most likley to be pregnant by the man on December 1st …?
Conception occured around the 1st of December if the due date is the 22nd of august. Definately not the 28th
Who was the first pregnant man?
Ling Mingwei. To see his pregnancy site, go to www.malepregnancy.com

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What do you think about a woman who gets pregnant to trap a man into marriage?
Q: This isnt me. My husband’s ex tricked him twice and she now has a one month old baby by another guy she tried to trap. She had assured my husband she was using birth control on both pregnancies. He started out trusting her and she lied. He didnt know with the 1st pregnancy that she had deceived him. She told me that after I first met her. She was bragging “that she got pregnant to make him marry her”. (We all worked for the same company.) She doesnt really want the kids, except for the child support, she puts them in daycare 12 hrs a day even on her off days.
A: Well I have to think that she is a very vindictive person from the sounds of it. Using children as pawns and weapons are not good for no parties involved. Just think she will reap what she sews.
if i had sex with 1 man and the condom broke then i had sex with a man who didnt wear who wuld get me pregnant?
Q: if i had sex with a man who wore a condom and it broke then i had sex with a man who didnt wear one who is more likely to get me pregnant
A: Yes, either one could have gotten you pregnant, but take the advice of getting a test done first. Keep in mind, stress can cause your period to be late. And seriously, you are not a ho, hooker, or whatever others are calling ya, you just made a decision you are going to have to live with for the rest of your life if you are.
Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant with a man who doesn’t think can have children?
Q: I am 23 years old and my soon to be husband is 33 years old. He always tells me about his past life about his failure of having children. But some of that time he was in jail for a total of 10 years maybe (may be to much info, but helpful). He gave me the example of having sex with his ex girlfriends and random chicks everyday. He claims he’s a very sexual person and that he would have sex with his girlfriend everyday. I told him it could have been them not ovulating yet,because every woman has a different cycle if one at all. This man who i love really wants a child by me, he of course doesn’t have one at all. So recently, we had sex Dec. 26-29 so many times, maybe in all 15- 20 times. But the catch is that my period should come on around the 3rd or 6th. Could i be pregnant. Some symptoms I have are nausea, mood swings, lonely, and not hungry that much. But i just started doing this sunday on Dec.30-31. Is this even possible to have symptoms like this so early in the first 1- 2 weeks.
A: everything is possible
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