Who was the pregnant guy

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His name is Thomas Beatie. He is a transgender male who kept all he female reproductive organs, allowing him to get pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/who-was-the-pregnant-guy ]
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Who was the pregnant guy
His name is Thomas Beatie. He is a transgender male who kept all he female reproductive organs, allowing him to get pregnant.
Can a guy get pregnant?
Actully I have seen it on Discovery Channel that a man did get pregnant! I mean yeah it would be impossible for him to get pregnant during intercourse but he had eggs inplanted inside of him, and the baby actually began developing like belo…
How to tell a guy your pregnant?
ok what you do is 1. fix him a NICE meal 2. include baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby corn, and ANY/ALL baby kind of foods 3.then ask him if he notices anything about the food 4. if he says no then start listing off all of the names of the…

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The guy who got me pregnant and wants nothing to do with us yet thinks he can decide what i do?
Q: I am not in any way with the guy who got mr pregnant, but out of hoensty i told him i was pregnant, i never wanted anything from him and made this clear, yet i have just received a text to say he is going to his solicior…..!? what is he planning on doing? what does he think he will get out of speaking to his solicitor…?? Please give me some advice.
A: Confide in your parents and your best friend – forget the guy and figure out how you’re going to care for this child.
My risky friend is pregnant by a guy who was ‘permanently sterile since twenty. Can sterilization be reversed?
Q: She went out on a date with this guy and while in the throughs of passion, requested that he wear a condom to prevent pregnancy. He stated that he was certifiably sterile since the age of twenty (he now 47) and that with all the promiscuity he had engaged in in the past, not one pregnancy had occurred. She, believing him, went on and had sex without protection: She is now pregnant with twins;and, he…STILL maintaining that he was sterile, but that “a miraculous conception” had taken place to have produced the now presenting twin fetuses in her womb. He further states that he cannot marry her because she has two children already from two different fathers, and that she is therefore the whore in this situation. Nevertheless, he has talked her into letting him move in with her and her ‘bastard children’, as he previously called them, in her two bedroom apartment. No marry. I feel sad for my friend and think she is overdue for some sort of legal action on the part of this deceitful man.
A: Hmmmmm…. Either he lied about his sterility or your friend had been dibbin’ and dabbin’ between him and someone else and ol’ boy isn’t the daddy but someone else.Who is to say? You just know what she’s told you, what you think you know. Anything is possible.Plus, even if he was truly sterile, as many diseases that are out there why wouldn’t she want to use a condom anyway. It’s called condoms and birthcontrol… I don’t know, in this day and age, I just can’t understand how ignorance and irresponsibility is still running on a rampage out there.She’ll just have to wait till the babies are born to clear it up by having a DNA test done on the “sterile” individual or abort and save herself and the family the misery.
What do you think about a guy who didnt let a pregnant woman sit?
Q: This pregnant lady was standing on the train and waiting for a seat.One became available and some other guy quickly sat on the seat.What do you think of this?? Then a seat next to the guy became available so he left the middle one empty and sat on the edge.The poor woman was going to get smooshed so she didnt sit down.How rude was that??
A: Well, It’s every man for himself. & Nobody’s going to change. We just have to accept that people are as$holes & that there’s not much we can do to change it. There’s very little considerate people left now-a-days.
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