Why am I cramping if I’m not on my period

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You could be ovulating. Are you sure you are not pregnant? If the cramping persists, you should see a doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-am-i-cramping-if-i%27m-not-on-my-period ]
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Why am I cramping and I am not on my period?
first you should know no doctor ever will be caught on Yahoo answers giving medical advice or diagnosing problems. its a huge legal liability for them and no doctor worth anything would diagnose you without examining you first, in person. s…
I Have Menstrual Like Cramping But Am Not Due For Period For 2 We…?
Two weeks before periods means almost mid of cycle which can be ovulation day. Some ladies can have pain at the time of ovulation. For details, visit Mitteleschmerz Syndrome. 
Why do i have cramps if im not on my period?
you could be ovulating which causes some cramping

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Why am I having cramps that feel like menstual cramps when I’m not on my period?
Q: I got off my period about a week and a half ago, and I know I’m not ovulating, the feeling is different. I’m having cramps for 3 days straight now lower back pain, fatigue. The cramps are consistant, all day long. I’ve never had this before, and I was wondering if I could be pregnant. I took a test and it said negitave, but it’s too soon for the test. Please help!For all of you wondering, I’m 21. And it’s not a kidney infec. i know that. cause my back muscles hurt, they have hurt the same way before and just went away after a few days. my cramping has went down but is still there. i’ve have a headace how, and my stomache gets queezy sometimes, like i can’t tell if i feel sick or if im hungry, kinda a mix. the back pain is gone, and im still mildly fatigued. I am on the pill, but we had sex on one of the last days of my period. I’m not ovulating because i know that feeling and it doesn’t last for 4 days straight.. and i wasn’t supposed to ovulate till today through the 19th. so…i dunno. if i still have the cramps on mon. im going to the doc. to get a blood test. and make sure its not scists.
A: A week and a half after your period, you wouldn’t be pregnant. You should be ovulating right around now. It isn’t 14 days after your period, it is 14-16 days BEFORE your next period starts. Your period starting depends on when your ovulation occurs-which is why most people aren’t exactly regular month to month, it varies by a few days. Ovulation shouldn’t be that consistent, but it can be. Some women are more sensitive than others. Do you or any women in your family have a history of ovarian cysts? That is another possibility to consider. Have you had a change in birth control? Gone on or off of it? Any other lifestyle changes? Unprotected sex? It could be an STD. Give it 2 weeks, see if you get your period. If you do, and the pains continue even after it ends, you need to call your doctor. If the pain gets worse, call your doctor.
Why is period so light and no cramping?
Q: Ok my last period was from Oct 31-Nov 6 & im confused on whether to count from the day it ended or from when it started. If i count from the 31st that means i am way past my 28 days seeing that i started bleeding very light on mon(nov.30) but if i count from the 6th im not due till fri(dec.4) i woke yesterday to a very light pink discharge and later it was brown. Now this morning its a little more red but still barely there. I usually get intense cramping the whole day & i haven’t got anything besides sore breast. I had sex on the 21st so i don’t think im pregnant because it’s too early to detect, right?i’m on ortho tri cyclen lo birth control but it has never made my period like this, but i haven’t been really taking them at the exact time every night. what could it be
A: You should count from the start of your previous period to the start of your next one. So yes, you’re a little late.More importantly: since you have not been taking your pills at the exact time (by how many hours were you off? Did you ever forget any?) it’s in theory possible that you’re pregnant. The bleeding could be implantation bleeding, and not your period.To be sure, I’d wait a few days and then do a test.When you’re saying that you usually get intense cramping, is that on the pill or before that? Because being on the pill will cause your periods to be very different (in fact, they’re not even real periods, just withdrawal bleedings).
Where is my period? Why am I in such denial?
Q: I’m in denial I’m pregnant. I had unprotected sex jan 27th (withdrawl methods) -i have many pregnancy symptoms-period late by 3 days counting today.Only symptoms today are -sore breast and nipples -cramping -lower back painIn pregnancy around the time of your period do you just feel as if your on it? But, not such strong cramping? I haven’t bled My face is breaking out-blueish veins running through my breast-nausea-spitting a lot-urinating much more-fatigue -Abdominal pain -headaches -bloatingBut this can be a false pregnancy right?Anyone whose gone through this please message me please . I’m 16 my mom just had a miscarriage I want a baby but, just now I’m afraid of telling my mother if iam :(…Message me … [email protected] Thankyou
A: You need to take a pregnancy test.Sounds like you are pregnant – but you wont know till you test
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