Why are my veins more blue than normal today

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It could be that you body is producing more blood (such as pregnant), you lost weight or you need more carbs. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-my-veins-more-blue-than-normal-today ]
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Why are my veins more blue than normal today
It could be that you body is producing more blood (such as pregnant), you lost weight or you need more carbs. ChaCha on!

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BFP and BFN? Why is it sooo confusing (Sorry its long)?
Q: Hello =]Im going to put this as simple as i can because people don’t seem to be understanding me=[I took a pregnancy test this morning after having several very faint BFP that were all appeared with in the time limit, however they have not gotten darker. So i thought i would take a clearblue digital…Just so i wouldn’t have to look at any more lines! No surprise ‘Not Pregnant’ which broke my heart more than no line! I was due on my period a couple of days ago, on the day i was due i had the tiniest amount of spotting, no need for a tampon or anythin as it was only when i wipped (sorry TMI) then i had no spotting yesterday, however some more today which was still minimal with no need for tampons, and to be honest everything felt a bit swollen down there….think i had been pokin around checking my cervix and stuff for signs of AF! I know its terrible =[Heres my question, Do you think i may of ovulated later than i thought? The tests i have been getting slight positives on measure HCG at 10mIU, and the clearblue measure 25mIU.I have added my chart, so please let me know what you think. =]http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/260b1dAlso my nipples and areola have got noticably bigger as well as my breasts being swollen, with huge green/blue veins that seem to ‘framing’ my nipples, which is not normal for ma around AF, and obviouslyi have loads of other symptoms but can never be sure if they are in my head……God i sound crazy >=o}Sorry this is sooo long i really appreciate your advice and answers tho, i mean that!Thanks everyone .x Lotes of baby dust to every one wanting their BFP! .x
A: I know these symptoms can drive any lady ttc crazy, i just hate it.I think u better take a blood test , it would give u the definite answer.I hope u r pregnant if that’s what u really want .Lot’s of baby dust to u dear.And plz keep us updated .
am i pregnant or is there something wrong?
Q: Am i pregnant or is there something else going on?????????my last period was the 8th of sept 08 my self and my partner had sex two weeks after my period during my ovulation i normally have a 31 day cycle never no more than a day late i have done lots of test and they have all come back neg i have had a blood test about 2/3 weeks ago and everything came back normal and went for a scan today and they cant find anything wrong as to why my period has not come but they cant find a baby either…. i have sore/heavy boobs and very clear blue veins in the one boob has this happened to anyone else? have they been pregnant and the test be wrong???? i already have two children 2 and six can anyone help me please……..
A: Although pregnancy tests are more accurate than they were years ago, you can still have a false-negative as well as a false-positive Soreness in the breast was my first indication of pregnancy. You do not give your age, and there could be any number of reasons why you have skipped your period, it may have been too early in the pregnancy to register positive, you can have fibroid tumors that will throw off your period, you may have had a spontanous abortion or it might be the birth control shot-pill that has put a halt to the period. If conditions last, you may want to be checked out by an M.D
9 DPO. Looking for other’s experiences. 100% points for best answer!!?
Q: I apologize ahead of time for TMI. lolOk, well I POAS this morning and got a very negative BFN. I just got married so I haven’t been actually TTC or paying attention to anything except my normal charting and the goings on of the last few days. My last period started on the 26th of June and I ovulated the 10th. Since maybe 4 DPO I have had such weird mood swings (more like mood dips . . . from normal to weepy over nothing! Poor DH doesn’t know what to expect from me at this point!). I literally conked out into 2-3 hour naps these past 3 days and I have never done that before ever. I don’t require much sleep but if I get less than 10-15 these past few days I’m just dead with heavy eyelids. I’ve also been having weird twinges and cramping feelings that aren’t anything like AF cramps or ovulation cramps (which usually are about the same for me and very consistent). My boobs have swollen and burst with blue veins and constant tingling which SUCKS because I’m all ready a DD. Anyway, I’d been pretty normal for CM the past several days until today when it feels so much like AF is coming, very wet. However, that’s not due until the 23-24 (usually starts at night or really early morning) Could I be pregnant? Scariest thing. . . my sweet mother-in-law (who I actually have a wonderful relationship with) has said something to me about thinking I am! ?? What ?? She didn’t tell me why just that she did. That’s scary because she knew we were eloping when she ‘didn’t’ know. She knew when my DH proposed. She just knows.I’d love to have a baby but in no rush. What do you think??? What early symptoms did you have and when did you get a BFP if you did??THANKS!!
A: I got a positive at 10dpo. Faint on the line tests, but actually got a “pregnant” readout on a digital that afternoon (not even with FMU!)I didn’t get sore boobs until about 5 weeks pg. The EXTREME fatigue hit about 11-12 dpo. Creamy cm also. Crampy, but not painful started around 8 dpo. Twinges can also present from that early throughout the first trimester.I always think that 10dpo is a good time to test obsessively 🙂 Of course, I always used cheap tests from the dollar store! Once I saw the line, then I got the digital!
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