Why are pregnant ladies grumpy

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The pregnant body of a woman is always constantly at work in order to help grow a living being. Hormones are also a fault of that. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-are-pregnant-ladies-grumpy ]
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Why are pregnant ladies grumpy
The pregnant body of a woman is always constantly at work in order to help grow a living being. Hormones are also a fault of that.
Was/is anyone else a grumpy pregnant lady?
Oh my gosh, Yes, I am alot more hormonal then normal. Normally I have tons of patience, and thats one thing I am short of lately. Not to mention it is taking all of me sometimes to hold my tongue… I feel like I am five seconds from ventin…

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13/14 dpo no af and weird cramping… help?
Q: ok hi ladiesso i thought i was late for my period but it is due either today or tomorrow depending on whether i ovulated the 8th or the 9th. we had lots of sex around the time i had my LH Surge but we did do the ‘withdrawal’ method. long story but basically we are not officially ‘tryingt’ yet but would be overjoyed if i was pregnant. I know I was fertile because I had loads of ewcm.Anyway I have been feeling weird the last few days: extremely sore boobs, especially on the sides nearest to my armpits more that the rest of them. I have been hungry in this empty sicky way and found that my memory is even worse than usual. I also have been crying loads and very moody. i do suffer from pms and am usually a little grumpy and impatient but the sobbing every time something sad happens on the tv is new to me. around 8dpo i couldnt sleep for 2 nights. also weird for me but then that could be my psyching myself out.I’ve sneezed a lot too and definitely been peeing loads but then it is very cold weather and I always find that happens when its cold.Last night I had a sort of sharp ovulation like pain in my left side a little like af cramps/ovulation but obviously no af and not ovulation.I did a test at 12dpo which was a bfn 🙁 this morning i had watery discharge that was brownish when i wiped (tmi i am sorry!) and weird stretchy kinda af cramps that dont hurt but i can feel them. Am I imagining all this? am I just PMS ing like crazy and getting my hopes up? i mean withdrawal means i am probably hoping against all odds right?anyway – please help – if af is on her way then why the wet watery cm? and the weird painless cramps? i usually suffer quite badly from af and get strong cramps when she’s here. someone please tell me if i have a chance or if i should get my head out of the clouds?im having cramps now just like i would for af but still nothing. just watery discharge with a little brown in it. what is that? how could that be implantation at 13/14 dpo?
A: Wow, It sounds like we’re on the same cycle, anyway I too am waiting to find out if I’m pregnant. Taking a HPT at 12 DPO is a little early (although I did it too) I’m trying so hard to wait until I’m late to test again. It’s heart breaking to see a BFN 🙁 I’m going to wait until Monday and I suggest you do the same. The results will be a lot more accurate. I hope everything turns out the way you’d like!!
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