Why did people think they made a pact

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There was an agreement for all of the pregnant girls to stay in high school & graduate. This is how the “pact” idea started. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-did-people-think-they-made-a-pact ]
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Why did people think they made a pact
There was an agreement for all of the pregnant girls to stay in high school & graduate. This is how the “pact” idea started.
Why do some people think that whole countries have made “pac…?
Regarding Haiti: Dutty Boukman was a vodoun priest whose death was considered a catalyst to the slave uprising that marked the beginning of the Haïtian Revolution. Boukman was born in Jamaica, and later sold by his British master to a Frenc…

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why do some people think that whole countries have made “pacts with the devil”?
Q: How does this work. Does every person in that country have to make a personal pact with the devil, or can just the leaders do it? If just the leaders do it, doesn’t that mess with everyone else’s free will? I thought that God doesn’t allow that?Does this negate any kind of christian religion that might be happening in that country, even if the church goers are completely unaware of this pact with the devil, and had nothing to do with it?Will God punish these innocent people, even though they had no idea about this “devil pact”. If so, is this the reason that the christian south in the US is plagued by natural disaster- more so than any other place in the country?OrDoes this mean that self-absorbed christians are looking for a scape-goat for all the world’s ills, and are also looking for a convenient excuse when natural disasters [email protected] Dman- Yeah, I’m smart like that!
A: Religion is used as a tool to spread their hate. Religion breeds ignorance and when you see those answers it just proves that point.
Do people really think god punished Haiti?
Q: This is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve heard. People like Pat Robertson think that god punished Haiti because they were so evil. They made a pact with the devil to get out from under the French. Tell me then, Haiti gained it’s independence from France in 1804. Why did god wait 200 years to punish them? And why punish the descendants of the people who made the deal? So why do people think god punished Haiti when the truth is it was just a act of nature?
A: Of course it’s just an act of nature. It’s just another reminder to me that God is a real loser if he allows little children to get crushed under buildings. Why not punish Sweden instead? 85% non-religious and church attendance in single digits. Many of the most religious among us just don’t think before they make such statements.
why did he do this to me?
Q: i’ve always been one of those people who doesn’t believe that teenagers fall in love very often , i think its unrealisic and it makes me cringe when teenagers declare their undying love for each other after making out with them for 30 seconds.last summer , about this time last year exactly , i got to know a guy from school . We flirted alot , he asked me out , and i liked him quite alot . Then i went on holiday for two weeks , before this he promised we would go out all the time when i came home , we even made a pact that he would makeout the minute i came back because he couldn’t wait . Then , as soon as i went on holiday he stopped texting me completly , ignored me , and of course we didn’t speak at all once we came back . I was crused , i spent the whole two weeks looking forward to seeing him again and he blantly ignored me .so , a year later , i still think about it , and i wonder why it happened , do men usually do stuff like this , im 16 and i don’t tend to have relationships so im not sure , i must say i got very upset and im pretty embarresed because it seems so silly over a small thing but i don’t know ..why did this happen (:
A: Because he loves you.
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