Why did the pregnant man get pregnant

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The man who was pregnant used to be a woman. He got pregnant because he wanted a baby. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-did-the-pregnant-man-get-pregnant ]
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Can you get pregnant if a man pulls out and doesn’t finish in you?
The “Pull Out” method, also known as “Withdrawal”, if always done correctly only 4 in 100 girls in a year will become pregnant.
How do men get pregnant?
The only way that a man can get pregnant is if he has female reproductive organs. Otherwise, it is usually hoax if you see a pregnant man walking around, though it would be shocking, regardless!
Can a man get pregnant?
No, men cannot get pregnant. You need to have eggs and a uterus in order to get pregnant. When the sperm and egg meet they implant into the uterus and carry the baby.

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When a woman is pregnant why does the man get nauses after intercourse?
Q: Since i have been pregnant my husband feels nuases after having sex does any1 no why ?
A: your hormone levels are through the roof right now and they’re all going to your uterus. he probably picks some up through his penis which has very thin skin and is filled with blood vessells. your hormones seep through his skin into his blood stream and since he has never had these hormones in his body before he feels nasueas by them
Pregnant man.. So why couldn’t his/her wife get pregnant instead?
Q: I don’t get it. Did I miss something here?She’s technically a woman.. I don’t really know what the big deal is.
A: Finally, someone who gets it. I thought I was the only one. I don’t get the big deal either. Yes, I know he is a transgender but technically he is still a woman so what is the big fuss. During her transformation to a man, she decide to keep all of her female parts. I know it is usual but again in this day and age, it is not usual. His wife couldn’t get pregnant due to medical reasons, she couldn’t hold a fetus. But technically he is not a pregnant man but a pregnant woman who is transgender.
Women! What would happen if your a man besides you pregnant, pregnancy to another and then to another?
Q: Women! What would happen if your a man besides you pregnant, pregnant to another and then to another? And Why? A man who gave you his girlfriend and get pregnant and have a baby is that of the result but that the pregnant then to another and then to another As it goes! , And only cares inseminate or leave pregnant women for pleasure! What do you when you are with that person you suppose pregnancy and then to others? And Why? What would you do to this man who comes to you like that? And why?Answer 4 Cookie!!! Agree with you … That is what I am trying to ask.
A: What the fcuk are you on about?That makes NO SENSE whatsoever.
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