Why do girls get sick when they are pregnant

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Unfortunately, no one is exactly sure what causes morning sickness but it would seem that the cause is a combination of MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-girls-get-sick-when-they-are-pregnant ]
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Do pregnant girls get sick from drinking soda?
Normally me and soda don’t agree well. Bit since i have gotten pregnant me and soda are enimies. If i drink soda now, the next day i have these awefull stomach pains. and i can barely sit up. The pain doesn’t go away until i can lay on my s…
Do all pregnant girls get morning sickness?
Not every girl gets sick while pregnant. Also, some women may get sick with one pregnancy but not another. Most women only feel sick the 1st trimester but others can be sick the whole time. When it comes to nausea and pregnancy, pretty much…
Does anyone else get sick of teenager girls whining about getting…?
I know it’s really obnoxious. And then the media encourages this culture of sex and no consequences. You see it on TV and just about everywhere else. And then you have politicians out there saying that we need to provide birth control to ki…

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Why are some girls/boys so sick that they would sleep with a family member??
Q: Why would any girl want to sleep with a family member? Ugh that is so sick. And even worst when you get pregnant by one of them and then you start asking “What should I do?” I tell you what you should’ve never done which is sleep with family members in the first place. Girls out there keep your damn legs closed and boys keep your weenie out the the girls bun!
A: Well, personally I think its gross but chances are they either have some incecurities or thats all they know.
Why do teens have unprotected sex and then complain when they find that the kid is on the way?
Q: I’m 14 and a resident of Melbourne Australia.I’m not horrible or anything but I seriously get sick of hearing about 16-19 year old girls who practically murder themselves with tantrums and abuse at their parents when they find out they’re pregnant. And what really gets me angry is when they result to abortion! If they never wanted to get pregnant, why would they have unprotected sex? As if there aren’t enough warnings all over the place… I know rape is excused, but when it comes to alcohol, I’m not sympathetic. They can control their drinking levels when they’re out at parties and nightclubs. And then when they do get pregnant, they either give the kid up for adoption, raise the kid on their own with or without the father or abort a few months into pregnancy.I know I’ll get a lot of answers telling me ‘ur 2 yung 2 understnd’ and ‘its thr choice sum ppl mite wnt a baby its nun of ur bsness.’I just want opinions 🙂
A: Too many people say, “It won’t happen to me.” or “It can’t happen the first time.” The realize when they get hit with the big reality check.People do things without thinking. Part of life.
Need mens advice on why they leave women when their pregnant?
Q: I have a question for the men. I am almost 5 months pregnant. I was with my ex-boyfriend for 2 and a half years. I’m 26 and he’s 25. Basically he wasn’t ready to grow up and give me what I needed, but yet he would blame it all on me. In August, we just broke up for good cuz I was just sick of the run-around with him. I began to get my life together after that and I got back into church and went back to school. Well 2 weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I was devastated. I wasn’t gonna tell him at all, but my mom said if I was gonna keep it, I needed to tell him.Well I told him a week later. He freaked and wanted me to kill it, even offered to pay. I never even cared to tell him why I kept the baby cuz I knew he was too stupid to understand and it would go right over his head anyway. I kept the baby cuz I didn’t wanna kill something that I felt God brought to me as a blessing, especially after getting back into church. I couldn’t live with it. I even made an abortion appointment, but I cancelled it. I was having regrets already. I never bothered him again after I told him I was pregnant. I never called him, never texted him, never went to his house or job, never tried to talk to his friends to get to him like some girls do. I just stayed to myself and away from him. But he kept calling and bothering me. He just kept saying it was all about him, that he wasn’t gonna be there, he doesn’t give a shit about me or “that” baby. He said that he doesn’t want me, doesn’t wanna be with me, and I’m gonna feel stupid when he’s not there. I just let him talk all that crap then I hung up in his face and haven’t heard from him from October 3rd til this day, and doubt that I ever will again. Sometimes I think his words had more power than I thought they did. Sometimes I think he’s won. But my question for the men is, why do u guys leave the girl like that? Why do u have to say such mean things to her as if not being there isn’t hurtful enough? Do u ever think about that child or u guys just don’t care? Do u ever think about contacting the girl about that child or wonder about it? How can some guys just be so cold and walk away like its nothing? It doesn’t haunt u? Or do u just forget about it all together?
A: Hello,Kaliyah GOD made a wonderful mother, A mother who never grows old; He made her smile of the sunshine, And He molded her heart of pure gold; In her eyes He placed bright shining stars, In her cheeks, fair roses you see; God made a wonderful mother, And He gave that dear mother to Your child Kaliyah I am a DAD, i am not superdad,but to my 2 year old I AM…I dont know the answer your looking for.. but i do know why you are feeling the way you do. I think we get worried about STEPPING UP to that stage in life,or worried we cant do this now.So for some reason we blame you for doing this to us,and forget it was us that talked you into doing it in the first place.We love you and your the one one lets get married,Ya I still remember the lines they never change.but i can say for men everywhere WE DO NOT TREAT WOMEN LIKE THEY NEED TO BE!!! I know god put that baby the for a reason and it will be ok even with out that boy in that babys life and one day your child will get to hert him like he hert you BY ASKING HIM WHERE WAS YOU!!!!
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