Why do girls stop their period when they get pregnant

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The blood from your period is the lining of the uterus preparing for a fertilized egg. No fertilized egg = period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-girls-stop-their-period-when-they-get-pregnant ]
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Can a girl get pregnant two days after her period stopped??
It would depend on when the girl ovulated. If she was ovulating then yes a possibility, if not then no probably not. Pulling out really isn’t hugely effective…but it’s better than nothing. I’d say it’s unlikely she’d be ovulating that clo…
Can a girl get pregnant on her period or right after she stops??
It all depends when that person ovulates. The average person ovulates 14 days before their period starts (ovulation being the best chance for conception) However, in some cases women may ovulate starting at 3 days into their period. So yes,…

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Period and BIrth Control?
Q: Hi. this might sound like a weird question but i have gotten a bunch of different answers (friends, parents, the internet) and am a little lost as to what the correct answer is.with a woman and her having her period. she releases an egg, it stays in her uterus for a period of time, the blood and other stuff make a lining, and the egg “waits” to be fertilized. if that does not happen, the lining sheds and therefore, a girl gets her period. i understand that.my main question is this. if a girl is on the pill persay, does she ever release an egg? I know that the pills trick the body into thinking it is pregnant and when you stop the pills for the 7 days, you still have a period. but is an egg ever released while a girl is on the birth control pill?and if that is the case, why do girls get pregnant while on the pill? just because they mess up and don’t take their pills properly? or is it because at some point an egg is released and the sperm fertilizes it?thank youok so if a woman does not ovaulate on the pill, is it ok to have sex while she is having her period? with my birth control, there is 28 pills. 7 of them are “sugar pills”. so even though i am having a period, there is still no egg, right?
A: if you take the pill properly, and on time, every day, then you shouldn’t release an egg, and the lining your womb also thins so that if you were to release an egg, and it were fertilised, it would find it hard to attach itself to your womb.when you stop taking your pill for 7 days, (or you take your hormone free pills,) you do get a “period” of sorts, but the bleeding is mainly a hormone withdrawal side effect, mixed with the much reduced *little* bit of womb lining that will be shed.girls usually get pregnant on the pill because they take it late one particular day, and the hormone level in their body drops to the point that the body releases an egg, which gets fertilised and is persistent enough to attach itself to the thin lining.
What is up with young women having babies when they can’t afford it?
Q: What is up with women having children at a young age when they aren’t even ready? Financially or otherwise. Especially teenagers. I know several different people who continue to have children and all are under age 22 and they live on welfare assistance. Why do women have unprotected sex with a man and she has no damn ring on her finger and no guarantee he will be there? Is it really worth it for a few minutes of pleasure? What is so hard about using a condom, or abstinence? God forbid a person goes without sex. If a man wants to have sex and he won’t use a condom, then don’t have sex period. Is keeping your legs closed or zipper closed so difficult to do. No glove, no love. I get so tired of hearing the “it doesn’t feel the same” crap from men. While he is spilling his seed all over the place, women are left taking care of the kids alone. I know one girl who is only 21 and she is pregnant with her third child. She lives with her boyfriend in low income housing and he has no job. She has a minimum wage part time job. She has no high school diploma,no car or even a license. So 2 adults and 3 babies will be living in a 2 bedroom apartment. Another person is only 23. She has no diploma,no car and no job. She lives on welfare, is unmarried and is pregnant with her second child. No man around to help. My sister is 18 with no diploma, no job, no money and just had her first child with a man who is 10 years older than her. He has two other kids by two different women. He has no job, pays no child support and will be going to state prison for 5 years on criminal charges. WTF!!. Ladies please, give yourself a break. Stop repeating the same behavior. Stop falling into the web of deceit with these men who only want to use your body and as soon as you end up pregnant, he is gone. Most any man will say anything he can to get into your panties. He will tell you what you want to hear. Men and women need to be responsible for their own behavior. Children need two parents in the household. If you can’t afford children, then stop breeding like animals. Protect yourself. Just say no. Let him use his hand with some Vaseline if he wants sex so bad. I am almost 30 years old and I have no kids and I am glad because I know damn well I can’t afford them. I have been with a man before who tried to have sex with me without a condom. I told him HELL NO! He literally begged. I quickly ended the relationship. Where is everyone’s backbone?
A: I ben asking that ? for years if you find that out tell me that all we need is more welfare baby and there baby will be welfare baby to it all go around and around welfare to welfare
Q: I’m 15 right now, turning 16 this coming February. In June, I went for my regular doctors checkup, when she asked me if I had had my period yet, I said no. She kind of said “ah oh well, it will come” then as we were leaving she said – “Oh wait a minute, lets just book you for an ultrasound”. So, I went for an ultrasound.. the results went back to my doctor. We then got a call from her telling us she wanted me to get an MRI scan done on my pelvic region. We got that done.. the results went back to the doctor.. and she gave us another call saying she wanted me to get some blood work done. I went in and did it as well. We never got a call back from those results, my mom called in a few weeks later and the doctor said it would benefit me if I went to go see a gynocologist. I went last month. She did a quick exam, asked me a whole bunch of questions.. and later came in to say that my FSH level was off (high), and after examing my stage of puberty I am at I could have a problem with my ovaries? She said that my pituitary gland might be making the FSH, but my ovaries are not responding. She said that could be I started puberty around age 12 or 13, and then it just stopped. She also said that if this was right I would have problems getting pregnant without getting help. Now, obviously I was very upset from this news. She said that I am a very healthy teenage girl, and they have not exactly diagnosed the problem yet, its just a possiblity. I had to go in again the week after for some more blood work, and I have another MRI scan of my pelvic region scheduled for the end of this month. They called today, I don’t know why, but we missed them when we tried to call back. It could have been the results from the blood work, or to scedule another appointment maybe? I have grown close to 3 inches in the past 6 months. I do have pubic and underarm hair, and small breasts (36A), however recently I noticed they grew a slight bit. I’ve also noticed that I might have had a bit of discharge.. but it was hard to tell since my underwear was not white. Could it be they are wrong, and I am just a late bloomer. I have heard stories of girls who get their periods as late as age 18! I actually talked to a girl at school who said she went through the same thing when she was around 14, and they found out that nothing was wrong, she just had to wait. The gynocologist said that if the scans and blood work prove their theory, I would maybe have to get a estrogen treatment?Could I just be a late bloomer?Should I not worry about it?What do you think is happening?Could the gynocologist just be preparing me for the worst incase they are right?I really want a period!
A: Ohh honey you don’t want it, trust me lol When you get it, you’ll be counting the seconds until it’s over!You’re just a late bloomer. My friend got hers at 17, & I got mine at 11. Just be patient, stress keeps it from coming also. But periods, everyone’s is different. Mine are agony! =P Just be happy you don’t have to deal with cramps, bloating, all that yet.
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