Why do guys want to get you pregnant

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Some males believe having a baby with a person will make them stick around no matter what but it doesn’t and it is selfish. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-guys-want-to-get-you-pregnant ]
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Why do some guys get girls pregnant and do not want to be husband…?
It’s not just down to the guy you know – it takes two. On the flip side, there are lots of girls who want the baby and nothing more to do with father. Things to remember are: Guys: Never, ever, take her word for it that she is using contrac…
Do guys really want to get me pregnant?
uhm no they just want to finish what they started.
Is it normal for a guy to want to get pregnant?
*Wife&Mom* – You should have read the question before you answered, your response makes no sense to what he is saying. I can see your point on this. Women fighting for years for equality so why can’t the men have it also? You never k…

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Guys only:Why do guys leave girls pregnant and alone?
Q: As a guy could you get a girl pregnant and leave without ever feeling bad about it? When you guys girl a girl pregnant and leave would you think about it?I mean would it even bother you?And even if you weren’t ready for it would you ever want to see your child or help out ever?
A: people are dumb pieces of sh*t. a guy who abandons a pregnant woman is extremely immature and doesn’t have the balls to take responsibility for a situation he was clearly a part of. regardless of whether or not they’re bothered, if they still havent grown up then they have no one to blame but themselves.
why do guys get upset when women/girls get pregnant, when they CHOSE not to wear a condom?
Q: I was reading another question and a guy was complaining… HELLO… if you don’t want to be a daddy, wear a condom, see if she is ALSO using protection and/or get a vasectomy or abstain… is anyone else frustrated by this?
A: It bugs me only because that is yet another child who will be unwanted with grace our society. I was the responsible one. None of my friends were. I always asked them, “what did you use for protection back in high school”. Pretty much all of them said they used nothing at all. Most did not quite grasp the concept of what causes pregnancy until they have made two or three babies. Most would have never considered using condoms or getting a vasectomy. I had a vasectomy when I was 21 (no children). That over 20 years ago, and I still use condoms. Many of them had vasectomies as well, but not until they already spread their seed to at least three women.First of all, I think they do not use condoms because it messes with their sensation. If they only knew that quality condoms feel all the same as “bare back” once you are used to them. Condoms from the 99 cent store feel like wrapping a bicycle tube around your penis.Secondly, most men think they know everything about sex. The truth is most of them have a poor sex education, and know little at all about it.
Why do guys want to have sex without condoms?
Q: I know it feels better without one, but you can get a girl pregnant which is worse or get an std.
A: It feels better, and some trust birth control and that the girl is clean. Not a good decision unless you want the consequences
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