Why do people have kids and not take care of them

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The problem maybe because most people have kids because the woman got pregnant not because they wanted kids. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-have-kids-and-not-take-care-of-them ]
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Why do people have kids then not take care of them?
sometimes its just for the money, an accident, or because they simply love each other and want to make love and create a baby..but why they dont look after there kids? this may be different for everyone, they might not know what they are d…
Why not have your actual family members take care of the kids??
MIL/FIL are old. Not capable of caring for the kids. BIL/SIL have Christmas morning plans, and wont arrive until closer to meal time. I asked nanny over a week in advance, and volunteered to look around. She said it was fine. I don’t need h…
Why do Some Black people blame the fathers not taking care of kid…?
This is actually an interesting topic regardless of the questioner’s intentions: Blacks were more united 35 years ago back when anti-black discrimination was legalized as they were forced to be in unity, working together, and fighting toget…

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Why do people have kids if they are not going to take care of them?
Q: They will put them off on someone else, they will give them to someone that is god awful and that will treat them awful. Why do people do this?Why not stay on birth control if you can’t take care of your kids.Or how some people get their kids taken away from them and they have a chance to get them back but yet don’t even in bother in trying.Why?
A: Im not sure, but I feel bad for the kids. There are tons of couples trying to conceive and wish to have kids, and some who actually get the gift of having children mistreat them. I think that if a couple is not ready for such commitment, they should give up the child for adoption.
Why do people expect women to take care of their kids whenever?
Q: Seriously, Why do people think that when they see a woman/ teenage girl, busy or not, that it is okay to dump child care responsibilities on them?Very frustrated and I want to know what other people think.Example, I’m at school all week and on the weekend I work, so yeah, I’m ready to chill out. In the afternoon my uncles come and leave their girlfriend’s kids with me, they don’t even ask. Thankfully they weren’t some asshole kids, but still, that was a shittty thing to do, wasn’t it?Another time I’m in college age 20, my mom takes on 3 kids, because their dumb *** mother gets locked up for drunk driving. My mother can’t watch them because she has nursing class, so I being the idiotic goody two shoes that I am, I volunteer to watch them. I miss one day of class, and a lot of homework time. My father, brother, and loser cousin who is 23 who are all male, don’t even offer to make a snack for them, and I cook 3 whole meals for them, 2 days in a row. My male loser family members sit on their behinds don’t have work or school, and tease me about being mean to the kids, and being a teen mother(the kids were bad as hell, and discipline was standard.)This really makes me wonder if there is a world wide view or attitude that women should feel obligated to automatically take care of other peoples offspring. Do people assume that because I am female, I have an innate urge to cuddle and nurture every child I see? If you do, then you are a moron. Personally I really don’t like kids, I don’t swoon whenever I see an infant or toddler like every other woman I know. Why should I take care of other peoples kids If don’t sleep around?A lot of you are thoughtless. I never said that all men do this, women leave their are guilty of this as well. Just asking a question, are women taken advantage of mostly because people assume they are fit to take care of kids because of their sex?I am quite aware that I can refuse, but some situations are dire, either you take it on, or the children go into foster care. Perhaps some of you assume all women are interested only in taking care of your children like I thought? Perhaps you are misogynists crusing for questions like this so you can say ” F*** you!” and feel glad you changed the world by insulting a woman on the internet? Good for you! you just made a difference! ;P
A: i dont know why all people blame mothers to take care of their kids and not to be a little busy . all men think that women are interesting in raising kids alone she needs help and without the help of the father kids may be raised badly or be dependent on thier mother and they dont need their father help because their father just tend to be their cash mashines which just bring money and nothing else so if the kids will go and try to be with their father their target will be taking money but when it came to mother so kids will tell their problems to mom and being dependent on their mother to help themso fathers are used as banks and mothers used as kind humens who support their children RAising the children is not number one for all women because they need first to get a job which will let their mood pretty good and prove their selves in sociatyblaming mothers in the number one which lead the women not to improve thier intelligent
Why do people keeping having kids when they can’t afford to take care of them?
Q: I mean this guy below had NINE kids before figuring out that he could not take care of them all!! How many more of such kids are there in such situations? Don’t they know that birth control exists and that it is cheaper to use birth control rather than keep breeding like rabbits. The only ones that really suffer are the kids. Why is that so difficult to understand!!!http://www.enews20.com/news_Nine_Children_Abandoned_at_Nebraska_Hospital_12059.html
A: You’re right and how bout all the “struggling parents” out there. Maybe if people didn’t have kids just to have them or because “we always wanted another one”. I mean, I’d love a 100ft yacht, but guess what, I cant afford it. Maybe the government should cut me a break on my taxes like they do for people popping out kids! After all, I really do want that yacht, just like some women want another baby! Why cant the gov’t subsidize my wants too?
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