Why do pregnant women swell

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During pregnancy, the extra fluid in the body can cause swelling in the ankles, feet, hands, legs, and face. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-pregnant-women-swell ]
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Why do pregnant women hands swell?
Because of the excess blood glowing through your body.
Are swollen feet and high blood pressure linked in pregnant women…?
It’s normal to have some swelling especially in your feet. Severe swelling in feet, legs, hands, and face can be a symptom of pre-eclampsia which also has high blood pressure as a sympotm. I’m 34 weeks and I swell up too but bp is fine. Jus…
Can Pregnant Women Do Anything to Reduce or Prevent Swollen Ankle…?
Those swollen ankles are a normal, though frustrating, woe for many expectant women. During pregnancy, the extra fluid in the body and the pressure from the growing uterus can cause swelling (or “edema”) in the ankles and feet. Th…

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Why do pregnant women swell, and why more swelling in the warmer weather?
A: Swollen feet, ankles, legs and hands are common symptoms of pregnancy. You may notice the rings on your fingers feel tight. This swelling happens when the body retains water, which is caused by a couple of changes in the body during pregnancy.As the uterus enlarges, it presses down on the main veins to the legs. This reduces the flow of blood returning to the heart, which pushes the water into the tissues into the legs and feet.If you suffer from high blood pressure, as many women do during pregnancy, additional water can be pushed into the body tissues. If you have high blood pressure, your doctor will closely monitor your condition for signs of preeclampsia.Contributing to your discomfort are increased levels of the hormone progesterone which cause the kidneys to retain more sodium during pregnancy. The extra salt in your body holds water and leaves you feeling bloated, the same way you feel before your period.
Why do pregnant women swell up the last month of pregnancy?
Q: Obviously, we are swollen throughout our pregnancies, but my feet and hands are especially swollen this week at 34 weeks and I remember someone saying to me a while back, “Just wait until your last month! You swell up a lot!” Do you know why? My feet look like Fred Flintstones right now! I cannot get my engagement ring off. I hope they don’t have to cut it off! It doesn’t bother me. but none of my shoes are fitting properly at all! WHY????????Thanks guys! I’ll call my doc today just to make sure that it is not that pre-clampsia. I am not over weight though, but I do eat a lot of salt. I will cut that out these last few weeks. Maybe that will help. MUAH!
A: Okay, well basically fluid is always being pushed out of our capillaries into the intra cellular spaces (tissue.) Usually the lymph vessels pick up this excess fluid and transport it through the network of the lymphatic system and out of the body. When you are pregnant, there is higher osmotic (water) pressure in the blood vessels, in other words, there is a higher pressure pushing fluid and other nutrients through the placenta walls (to get to the baby) but this pressure is in the other blood vessels too. So it pushes more fluid into the tissue and the lymphatic system can’t keep up. As for why it is worse in the extremities, the lymph vessels have to work against gravity. Lymph is very slow moving as it relies on the movement of your body, especially your muscles as you walk, or move at all. Another reason is the levels of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone) could be high also. Well, you know what diuretics do, they make you wee. So the opposite means not as much fluid gets brought to the kidneys. So there you have it!Get your blood pressure checked often in case you start getting pre-eclamptic, but otherwise, just ride it out baby! God knows, you’ll be wanting to push the baby back in, in a few months when you are sleep deprived! I know I did.
why do pregnant women experience swelling of various body parts?
Q: swelling of pregnant women that has got something to do with the accumulation of fluid in the tissues? please explain this in the simplest terms possible
A: What you’re refering to is called oedema, which results from the extra blood one acquires during pregnancy. What happens is, a pregnant woman’s growing uterus puts pressure on her pelvic veins and her vena cava (a large vein on the right side of the body that receives blood from one’s lower limbs). That slows down circulation and causes blood to pool. Pressure from the trapped blood forces water down into the tissues of her feet and ankles. That water is fluid that would normally be in her body but is simply displaced. Sometimes pregnant women also retain excess water, which adds to the swelling.
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