Why do women bleed during their period

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During menstruation you shed the lining of the uterus (womb), that was preparing for a baby, when you don’t get pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-women-bleed-during-their-period ]
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Do all women bleed during sex,in their period??
Bleeding during or after sex is not considered normal and therefore should be evaluated at all times. The only time bleeding during or after sex is considered normal in some cases is if you are having sexual intercourse for the first time. …
What is the normal amount for a woman to bleed during her period??
Most girls lose between 3-5 tablespoons during a cycle. To make this more understandable, that is about one quarter the amount of liquid in a single can of soda. A heavy flow will add up to about three-quarters of a can. You may lose more o…
Do you feel it is natural and ok not to bleed during a women’s pe…?
I don’t know why a perfectly healthy, completely detoxified female should bleed. Some people have suggested that it is an adaptation from humanity’s 20,000 or so years of cooked food eating.

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Why do some girls/women get nose bleeds before or during their period?
Q: This has been on going for quite sometime now and I’ve only sensed something even more wrong in the past few days.I’ve always had regular nose bleeds right before my period. I’ve had my period for 6/7 yrs now and the nose bleeds just started maybe a year or more ago; when my period started evening out in a regular cycle. There are sometimes when the nose bleeds continue during my periods, and it seems as though I get alot less menstural blood than what I normally would get without nose bleedS during the period. This is so weird…. Can anyone explain to me why this happens?
A: I would suggest going to the doctor about this cause this could be a sign of something wrong with your puteratery gland. I dont mean to scare you its just ive never heard of this.
Why do women that have had intercourse during their last days of their period bleed much more after it?
Q: I had intercourse two weeks ago, and I still seem to bleed because of my period! Is it blood or just the remains of fluids?
A: Generally, it’s not that women bleed more but a combination of two factors:1. The man’s ejaculate mixes with the menstrual flow making it look like more blood than it really is.2. The woman’s orgasm and the pressure from intercourse itself stimulates the uterus to contract and release the pooled remaining flow more quickly.
Why Do Women’s Breasts Grow Prior To Their Period?
Q: My bestfriend who is 14 year old right now just told me that about a week before her period starts, her breasts grow from their normal 36B to normally a 36C. After her period stops, they go back to their normal size. Why is that? I have never really heard of that before. I know women deal with bloating, hormonal pains, bleeding, swelling, etc, but I have never heard of the breasts enlarging. I know the breasts enlarge when a women is pregnant, but never during the period. Can anyone explain to me why this is because (Sarah) is going through massive pains during that week prior to her period.
A: It can happen… because that week is when hormone levels are the highest. Lots of women have premenstrual discomfort, but if your friend is in really a lot of pain, she should go to a gynecologist. There is probably nothing wrong with her, but she shouldn’t have to deal with that much pain.Has she tried Midol, etc?
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