Why do you gain weight when you’re pregnant

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The reason a woman gains weight when pregnant is, the water the baby’s in ,the baby and that’s about12 and more then we eat more. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-gain-weight-when-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Why do you gain weight when you’re pregnant
The reason a woman gains weight when pregnant is, the water the baby’s in ,the baby and that’s about12 and more then we eat more.
What is the average weight you gain when you’re pregnant?
Everyone is different, like you said, so it varies. Hormones, eating habits, and exercise naturally all will play some part in it. However, the average recommended weight gain is about 15-30 lbs, depending on your starting weight. I gained …
How much weight should you gain when you’re overweight and pregna…?
The general advice is to gain at most 15 lbs, but that’s incredibly difficult to achieve. With my first I gained 30lbs, and lost 35lbs after I delivered him within 5 days of delivery (weight taken on clinic scale each time). Even though you…

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Doesn’t it make you feel better when people start to notice you’re pregnant?
Q: I haven’t gotten the “when are you due” from strangers yet (except for a cute little girl) but I got asked today if I was expecting by this hairdresser who I;ve only gone to twice before. And at 20 weeks a guy at the school (a student actually) the highschool I worked at noticed and so did another male student after him they were both like “so are you pregnant?” and “I wonder what your baby will look like” and I didnt even tell them I was pregnant. I dont know why but it makes me feel so good when people esp. people that dont really know me that well comment on my pregnancy. I guess I am sorta afraid people will just think I have a beer gut or soemthing lol or that I’m slightly chunky (when actually I’m 118 now at 5’2 but look more for some reason) and was 100 before pregnancy so was slender. Anyways it’s a relief to know I dont just look like a person who happens to gain most her weight in her stomach. I just like it when people notice and they ask what i’m having etc. Today the hairdresser asked me what I washaving also and how many more months I had I dont know why I love being asked that. But I havent gotten the comments from perfect strangers yet lol. When did you start getting noticed as being pregnant in your pregnancy? And did you like it?
A: aww it sure does! I was told just the other day by a mother at my daughters school that I finally look pregnant, not like I am gaining weight hahaha she was only honest so I cant fault her for it ;o)I love the look I am getting…except for the fact that my jeans are now too tight around my tummy!!!My husband loves it too, he cant help but touch my tummy when he is within reach :o) This is his first baby (my second) so he is so excited about watching my body change :o) Felt his first kick the other day, the look on his face was just beautiful :o)I am now just over 19 weeks & started noticing I looked the part when I was 16 weeks although with my daughter I gained so much weight in the early stages I didnt actually look pregnant until about 26 weeks!!!!Yes I love it, very much :o)
What’s it like losing baby weight?
Q: I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant, and according to the book, “Your Pregnancy Week by Week” you should gain 12-15 pounds at this point, which is exactly how much I’ve gained. I just feel SO FAT!! Like, I JUST started showing, but I feel fat all over. Why is your body more apt to gain weight when you’re pregnant? I feel puffy. Does your body work itself back down to at least CLOSE to normal after you give birth? I know I won’t be able to exercise as much as I’d like, but I can def eat healthy, and I’ve always been a fairly petite girl. Any advice or input?? Thanks so much.
A: It really depends on the person. Depends on their body type and how much actual body fat they gained, compared to just water weight.Myself? I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within 5 days, of course I was all baby though. For some reason I wasn’t tired or sore after the birth. Most of the time the female body will work itself back down. If you are eating healthy and doing some form of exercise, then I’d say you’ll be back down to your pre-pregnancy weight.Good luck 🙂
Why does my mum keep saying that I might be pregnant?
Q: Every time I’m like I don’t feel well or I think I’ve gained weight my mum says maybe you’re pregnant. I’m 21 and just moved back home. It’s really freaks me out because for like a split second I’m like mmm maybe I could be. But then I get my period and have checks and stuff and I’m ok. She has started to do this more and it’s really pissing me off. Why would my mother make me go through all the torment of thinking I might be pregnant? Is it just a disguise for saying I’m fat?Also when I told her I was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) she was like “No you’re not. You’re fine!” She also never told me that both my brothers have bi-polar so I went to the doctor and was like no I don’t have any mental health history and then later I find out from my brothers that I do. Why is she saying this?I’m not fat! I’m like slightly overweight…I’m 5’3″ and I weight about 60kg. so it’s not that bad. like borderline overweight.
A: Hurting people hurt others. They are sick and being mean makes them feel better. People/kids/parents do mean things or lie to manipulate. They just want the reaction so they can get high feel good from it. The words are not true. They have the problem.
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