Why do you get gas while pregnant

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The primary reason is that during pregnancy you have much higher levels of progesterone,a hormone that relaxes smooth muscle MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-get-gas-while-pregnant ]
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How To Get Rid Of Gas While Pregnant
immodium ad works and its safe to take while pregnant. Taking these medications as directed, usually with the foods that give you gas, should help you get rid of gas. If you do drink soda, pour it into a glass and let it stand for a while t…

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how to handle people while pregnant?
Q: ok im 14 weeks along and for some reason people always question me about stuff like im lying, like the fact im already wearing some maternity clothes, some say that if im showing this early then i must be further along. or i just started feeling little flutters when i lay down and one lady said that it was waay to early and it was just gas i felt……..um i know the difference between gas and fluttering…i dont normally get gas that far down!! why are people doing this? one lady at work ( total witch) even told something she thinks im lying about being pregnant becuase i am never sick and still really small…..um hello whats it matter to you if im pregnant or not? how can i deal with this? i know whats going on with my body but it seems like some people mainly the ones at work question everything i do like im lying about it.kmennie, im going to take some new advice i got from someone else……fuck off!! if i wanted someone to be a total bitch to me id go to work and deal with the wicked witch from the westsam im 20 years old….and i am too pregnant you dont believe me go fuck yourself!!!! my husband is very happy and would never leave me…we wanted this baby thank you very much.
A: Oh honey, I totally sympathize with you. The bottom line is – who the heck cares what these idiots think!?!?! Get used to it! I am 25 weeks now and I started showing a little early, got flutters early, etc….people just think that everybody’s experience is the same and that is just so wrong. You absolutely can feel flutters at 14 weeks. Some people are just more in tune with their bodies than others, so congratulations. I think those people are just jealous that they can’t be so tuned in like you are.Anyway, even at 25 weeks people continue to come at me with their opinions and their advice. I saw screw ’em all! You know what is happening with your body and that is what is important. What I tend to do is just speak very generally with most people and keep the good stuff between me and my husband and very close friends. I mean, even if you were exaggerating (which I don’t believe you are, by the way), who would you be hurting if that were the case? People are just stupid and nosey. Try to just let it go and don’t worry about trying to prove it to anyone….just enjoy your pregnancy the way you want to!
Have you ever gotten a tattoo while you were pregnant?
Q: This was an accident for us. We did not know anything was up until 2 days after I got 2 tattoos. Which was 2 weeks after the infamous 9/11 attacks. When I found out I was pregnant , I also found out why I didn’t have the gas money to get to the nearest blood bank to donate blood for that sad, sad, sad day. It was something keeping me from allowing my new little one from being harmed in any way.I also had a deja vu type feeling when I got the one that’s on my hip at that time. It was exactly how it was going to be when I got the epidural..Go figure!! Again, we had no reason to think that I was pregnant……Any crazy stories like this? about your pregancy?9/11 was b4 I got tattoos.. and yes something happened while getting my tattoos that was hinting at a pregnancy.. deja vu may not be correct term for it, but it works, considering all the things that keep happening..
A: Yeah I knew as soon as I got pregnant this time around. No kidding and no crap lol, if my mamaw is in my dreams and tells me soemthing it happens. Happened to many times to be a coincendence but not enough to make me money :P.Anyway the night i got pregnant, I dreamed that me and DH were in the car when my mamaw showed up in the back seat and said “don’t worry, I just want to be the first to congradulate you, Eden (thats our oldest daughter) is going to be a big sister.” Sure enough a few weeks later two lines 🙂
What NOT to say to your pregnant wife?
Q: What are some things husbands should NOT say to their pregnant wives? My husband’s come up with a few already & he’s lucky I didn’t chuck the remote control at his head.1 – Why are you crying?2 – What’s wrong with you now?3 – Asking me “do you want me to get you anything while I’m out”, then proceeding to throw a fit because it’s something that has to come from Kroger’s or Taco Bell and not something he can pick up at the pumps at Gas America. (Um, hello?)What are some of yours?
A: “Are you sure you’re not having twins?””You’re still hungry?”Men shouldn’t complain about any physical pain when they are around a pregnant woman. Period. Especially if it’s only a headache.etc.Haha.
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