Why do you have to pee so much when your pregnant

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You have to pee a lot when you are pregnant because the fetus puts a lot of pressure on the bladder. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-have-to-pee-so-much-when-your-pregnant ]
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Why do you pee so much pregnant?
Your uterus is getting larger, which in turn, pushes against your bladder. Since the bladder can’t expand as much because of this “squeezing,” you have to pee more often due to the diminished capacity.
How come women hve to pee so much when pregnant?
Sakuya167 : Because they drink more when they are pregnant…enough for them AND the baby.
Why do you go pee so much while your pregnant??
As the baby grows, the womb has to expand, thus, putting pressure on your kidneys and bladder. Therefore, you hace a smaller bladder that can hold less that a non pregnant bladder.

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why do you pee so much when your pregnant(and lots of other questions cause im bored)?
Q: i am so bored. i cant sleeep. i have my first ultrasound tomorrow..im kinda nervous. but kinda excited? idk. for teen moms, when did you start to get excited about your baby? what about your boyfriend? and your parents? my moms like, wont talk to me. i think my boyfriends already excited. hes the one who talked me into keeping the baby. hah:) sorry im rambling. im just bored and boyfriends out of town til tuesdayyy:'( anyways, so why do pregnant women pee so much? i like, live in the bathroom…
A: I got excited really excited after I hit 12 weeks when the miscarriage rate drops, boyfriend same but went through the roof teh first time he felt her, my mom it took her about a week until she exploded with excitement. Dad not so much still lol. The reason we pee so much is from increased fluid intake, water retention and release, and pressure on your bladder, Im curretly 24 weeks (6months :D) with a baby girl! Im 18 😀
Pregnant, why do i pee so much?
Q: I know its a known fact you pee a lot when your pregnant, i was just wondering why?Today i was at a dog grooming adult ed class with my friend i drove the teacher made in the 3 hours i went to pee about 8 times. I only had 1 bottle of water that’s the thing? i am only 13 weeks.**** Thanks everyone for answering****
A: In early pregnancy there is a lot of pressure on your bladder so you pee very often. This will ease of in a few weeks. You will also pee often after about 7 months pregnant for the same reason
why do i have to pee so much?!?!?
Q: i go to the bathroom at least 10 times a day. 4 times in the morning, 4 times at school and about twice when i get home. has this happend to anyone and what did you do to help it? also if anyone knows what it is and what i can do to help it please let me know. :D-PLEASE DONT SAY SEE A DOCTOR- (i am already going to see one in a few days, i just want your opinion of what it might be)!i am not pregnant!thanksi hardly drinki drink maybe a small glass of orange juice in the morning and nothing at school. until i have lunch. and even thats not alot
A: If you drink plenty of water throughout the day, I don’t think that’s exactly abnormal. Maybe you’re more conscientious than most people who hold in the urge to urinate until they really, really have to. It’s actually healthier to go before it becomes urgent. Anyway, I hope all goes well at the docs.
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