Why do you want to be pregnant

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Because babies and children are joy to have around and raise. More questions? ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-want-to-be-pregnant ]
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I guess maybe because you love children and like the thought of babying and taking care of an infant? It’s not abnormal for girls to want to get pregnant… my girlfriend always fantasizes and teases me about ‘us having a child’ even thoug…
They should want to become pregnant because they are in love with their husband or wife and feel that they are emotionally, financially, and physically stable. And would like to have a child to love.
I would venture to guess it’s because we haven’t (as human beings) been around for much longer than when it was normal and right for a girl to have a child in her teens. When we only lived to be around 40 or so, it was common to have a baby…

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Why do pregnant women not know what they want?
Q: When you ask why pregnant women act crazy, they reply how hard it is to carry a baby and to feel sick all the time. Then when you ask them if they like being pregnant, they say yes and that is such an amazing feeling. Seems to me women are confused.
A: Who are you talking to?, I feel like i’ve been hit by a bus!Feeling the baby move is Amazing, the rest of it isn’t at all fun.
Why does everyone just want sex? and Why is everyone’s #1 worry is being pregnant? Don’t people like kids?
Q: I have seen many questions about sex, not knowing who the father is, multiple partners, birth control, etc But why do people just want to play with life making power to satisfy lustful desires? Does that seem right, and can you justify that? The only thing they should worry about is decreasing infidelity, abortion (killing babies), or STDs. If the chicks get pregnant why do they only care about getting rid of it’s chance at life, “because their scared!” Abortions hurt too, so how can it be that much harder to give the child a happy life, through adoption or something. It’s selfish, so how do they get to sleep at night? I just don’t know. I see more and more people doing this…
A: I understand what your saying and I agree with your every word.I don’t understand why for one if these teen’s are having sex why they don’t use protection???They want to have sex and act like a adult you think they would at least put a condom on or get on the pill.And then after they have spread thier legs and gotton pregnant they want to kill a innocent baby.The babies don’t ask to be conceived.I don’t get some kids now a days.And what the hell are the parents doing about all of this???Aren’t any of them worrying about getting AIDS??Its out there people!!
i want to get pregnant!!! why wont it happen?
Q: my partner and i have been trying for at least 6 months, we have un protected sex pretty much every day, if not every second day and i still havent fallen pregnant. Iv been pregnant before over a yr ago but miscarried at 4wks and my partner has gotten someone pregnant but she also miscarried…Do you have any tips on getting pregnant or any advice at all would be much appreciated!
A: Stress can play a factor in not being able to get pregnant. I wasn’t really trying to get pregnant the first time, and it took a year of my hubby of doing the deed in me to even get pregnant. It takes longer for some people to get pregnant than others, especially if you’re body hasn’t carried to term a pregnancy. Just lighten up a little, don’t think about it, enjoy the sex, and it’ll happen eventually! You’ve got plenty of time!
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