Why does smoking decrease your chances of getting pregnant

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It has been known for some time that the active ingredient in marijuana (THC) lowers testosterone levels in animals, which.. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-smoking-decrease-your-chances-of-getting-pregnant ]
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Can smoking decrease ur chances of getting pregnant??
i have HEARD that it does, but i do not think its true..i Smoked before i got pregnant “quit when i got my Positive pregnancy test” but i was able to get pregnant pretty fast while trying.
Does smoking Marijuana decrease your chances in getting pregnant??
While smoking marijuana lowers the mans sperm count, it cannot be the reason not to use protection. Unless your trying for a baby, you should always use protection. But you probably know that and don’t need a bunch of people lecturing you a…
What if your boyfriend smoke marijuana does this decrease your ch…?
NO! but males who use maijuana frequently &/ over long periods of time can have low sperm counts. even though your boyfriend uses marijuana you should ALWAYS use some type of birth control to prevent pregnancy.

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Does being overwieght or smoking decrease your chances of getting pregnant?
Q: I am chubby and I also smoke so I know I have those as downfalls but I know that isnt why I havent gotten pregnant yet. I am 24 and ready to have children. Id love to have some tips and pointers on how to make this more possible. I have seen many very obese women become pregnant but I need to know more tips. Real answeres only please.
A: both certainly do decrease your chances of becoming pergnant. Quit smoking as soon as you can. I am more than chubby I am 5’10” and 280. When I was trying to get pregnant last time, in 2004 I was 275 or so and after trying for 6 months nothing, a friend suggested to try losing even 20 Lbs that it would help. I lost maybe 5 Lbs then got pregnant the following month and proceeded to lose 20 more Lbs due to constant morning sickness. You should talk to your doctor there may be something going on that you don’t know about yet.Best of luck to you.
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