Why is it bad to scare pregnant woman

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A real scare may cause contractions to start, but most likely scaring a pregnant woman would cause no ill effects to the baby. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-bad-to-scare-pregnant-woman ]
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Is being scared bad for pregnant women?
I don’t think she’ll have any problems going. I probably wouldn’t suggest going if she were close to her due date as she could potentially go into labor from being scared/stressed, but this early in the pregnancy I doubt she’ll have any pro…
Do you stay away from pregnant women for fear of catching a bad c…?
Nope, i rub my junk all over them
How to Trip a Witch and Scare a Pregnant Woman
Eric Claypoole is an expert on the Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign, or “hexafoos” (witch’s foot). A witch’s foot design was painted beneath barn windows to make them appear larger. A witch flying into the barn, superstition holds, wou…

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trying to scare pregnant women?
Q: I don’t get it. Obviously it’s gonna hurt. This much I know. They have drugs for it, thank god. Supportive partners. Breathing techniques. Yet everyone on here is all “it feels like you are DYING, it’s the WORST pain ever…” I understand everyone wants to share their war/pain stories. But all it’s doing is discouraging and frightening us women in the most important battle of our lives. As women, we are supposed to bond together and be supportive, not type out how bad the pain is in all caps. Duh, it’s going to hurt. Why doesn’t anyone give ENCOURAGING advice?
A: If a woman asks if it hurts to give birth….what should we say?!!! No? that is a complete lie, so you ask you get an honest answer, if you are not ready for the answer…then don’t ask!
Every time I see a pregnant woman i want to cry why? do i feel like this?
Q: Im 19 and want to be pregnant so bad its all i think about day and night. i was on the pill 1 year and iam now stopped 1 year i have been having sex every day or every other day iv took a diet pill called ovulex im still not pregnant what do i have to do its driving me crazy i go off the handle at my fella.its getting un top off me i need help.i get very depressed all time i know the times right and dont tell me im too young and GO ENJOY YOUR LIFE i dont want to feel like this any more it breaks my heart every time my period comes and know that iam not pregnant i keep everything inside this is the first time i have spoke to any body about these things im sick thinking that iam unable to have children so i have made an appointment to see my doctor for tests but im scared stiff what they intail please give me advice thanks and please no rude comments as i have enough to deal with
A: I know exactly what your going through. I’ve been trying for more than a year – however I don’t ovulate regularly so this is my problem due to PCOS, with that said I’m on medication to try and make my body ovulate – Anyways it looks like more than 1 dosage will be needed. I had to take an HPT just to make sure I’m not pregnant so I can start my next round of medication, but it kills me to see the negative. I know it’s going to be negative but when it’s confirmed I get more sad. Today is actually the first day that I cried. Everytime I see a pregnant woman I feel so happy for them, but I just want to die inside. I know what your going through, but my hubby keep saying – There’s always next month. I’m only 22 and I know I’ve got all this time and I’m still young blah blah, thats what everyone tells me, but I want what I want and that’s that. Just keep your chin up and going to the doctor will be the best thing, at least you can get some help finding out why you cant conceive and assist in the process. Although trying for 1 year is normal – most “normal” women actually can take up to a couple of years to conceive. Good luck….
Why do man treat woman bad?
Q: i was with a man for 3 years and it was a violent relationship. I got out of it and move on with my life. He went to jail and now he’s out, at the time he was in jail i was pregnant. I had his daughter now he out and not doing anything for us. He neglects me and ignore me, he treats me like shit. He telling other girls he loves them and treats me bad i dont know what to do. im tired and scared he will do something violent or crazy again. why doese he do this knowing i always been there?
A: he must have been abused as a child and needs to speak to someone about his problem if he doesn’t than you just hae to hope for the best and that he leaves you alone. If you had a crazy relationship y would you want him in your daughters life. You guys don’t need that in your lives.
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