Why is it not okay to lay on your back if you are pregnant

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Sleeping on your back when pregnant causes your abdomen to rest on your intestines and blood vessels causing low blood pressure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-not-okay-to-lay-on-your-back-if-you-are-pregnant ]
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Why is it not okay to lay on your back if you are pregnant
Sleeping on your back when pregnant causes your abdomen to rest on your intestines and blood vessels causing low blood pressure.

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Why are people so afraid of pregnant women going into labour?
Q: Okay here’s a good rant for me hehehe – yesterday at work one of the ladies was just chatting to me in the toilets asking how long I have left and how long I’m working for etc. When I answered 6-7wks to go and working for another 5 she looked like she was going to faint. She even went back and had a word to my boss about it (who laughed at her mind you) but it brings me to so many other examples. The first aid officer in my area is afraid that I’ll go into labour at work and it will be her responsibility to look after me and even deliver the baby (cause people have first aid officers in their homes ready for these moments), other people are often looking at you funny and saying “don’t go into labour on me” Um hello, a pregnant woman generally only goes into labour once. It ain’t that common an occurence and it’s not like my baby is just going to pop out and land at your feet any second, if I were to start experiencing labour right at this second trust me, I don’t want you sticking around either, I’ll just go home nice and calm thank you! This especially annoys me when coming from other mothers they know better than anyone that it isn’t that common an occurence. They also know that when bub moves sometimes it causes you to grab your tummy cause it can hurt, yet they still freak out the second something like that happens. Why is it such a common thing for people to assume that you will go into labour whilst they are there out of the blue and pop out a baby within seconds? This is very rarely what happens, hugely rare in fact yet it’s every second persons forethoughts the minute they lay eyes on a pregnant woman. What the???Sandy: hahaha that sounds way good I reckon I might just have to do that!!!It just drives me up the wall where has all the common sense gone? I know it is a stupid question to ask and one that won’t change anything but hey I got hormones to blame it on hehehe
A: I totally agree! I had the same thing happen to me. I worked right up until I was 11 days OVERDUE and had to be induced!!! My co-workers were always looking at me like I was a time BOMB about to go off! IT MADE ME SOOOO MAD! AND people ALAWAYS asking HOW ARE YOU FEELING!!! I heard that atleast 20 times a day!! FEELING MY BELLY! I was ready to knock someone OUT!!!! 🙂 I have NO IDEA why people freak out about a women going into labor! Probably because of all the TV shows that show women going into labor ***They OVER DRAMATIZE IT!*** Hang in there and just FREAK THAT LADY OUT A LITTLE BY PRETENDING TO GO INTO LABOR!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! 🙂
Pregnant and Alone. How can i get him back?
Q: okay so friday night me and my boyfriend got into a huge fight because im always so bitchy towards him, im 9 months pregnant and always in pain and i never sleep so i cant really help being a b**** anyways he left and said he would be back to get his stuff the next day. he came over but never got his stuff. we talked and he said he wanted to forgive me but didn’t know if he could because i acted so crazy when we were fighting. and now hes being really mean and saying he cant take me back. hes coming over later to pick up a few things and im gonna talk to him but what should i say to get him back? im getting induced tomorrow and i need him to be with me. i miss him so much and i cant do this on my own. what would you say to get him back? i love him so much and ever since hes been gone i cant sleep or do anything i just lay around all day and think about him. im miserable. i don’t mean to be a b**** to him it just happens. he knows its just my hormones but he says he just cant deal with it anymore. but i cant let him go weve been together for two years and i love him so much. i just dont know how to let him go and i dont want to and i know he wants to be with me i just really need to convince him that things will be better after the baby comes and trust me i know i wont be so bitchy after i have the baby. ive had a horrible pregnancy. ive been in the hospital 6 times since thanksgiving. ive had two surgeries on my kidneys. i have stents in my kidneys right now which doctors say are the most painful thing you can have when your preg. i have contractions constantly because of the stents in my kidneys. i never sleep because im in so much pain and i have gestational diabetes. and i know thats why i treat him so bad right now because im so miserable and he doesnt know what im going through and he tries to be compasionate towards me but sometimes its just not enough and then i get mad at him
A: As awful as it may be for him to deal with your hormones and mood swings and all, he should also be there for you and understand what you are going through. Pregnancy can be an extremely rough time even without all of the added pain and problems you are dealing with. Personally, I think he is being kind of a jack a$$. What guy leaves his pregnant girlfriend when she is going through all of this and about to have his baby???You two need to talk, but honestly, if you can deal with everything your going through, he should be able to deal with mood swings and you being mean. Is he going to walk out everytime it gets hard? Because if so, you two are never going to make it. Just my opinion.
your pregnancy complaints? or you like being pregnant?
Q: ust wondering what any of you all want to complain about as far as being pregnant? and how far along you are? i have a cousin that LOVES being pregnant! i don’t know how. i am starting to rack up on complaints! 1st trimester i was just tired all the time & moody. 2nd trimester i felt great, had plenty of energy & was in such a better mood! but this last part.. i am close to 30 wks and i am starting to get miserable! i feel like a pig! i don’t crave certain things, just everything i hear or if someone mentions it i want it lol. very bad with sweets. and being starved at like 4am a lot! i’ve always had a fear of being overweight & i have no idea what i should weigh now. but that is the least of my worries. my back hurts most of the time. i am sooo tired of peeing. it’s very hard to even grocery shop b/c every time i stand up it’s just sooo much pressure on my bladder. it is sooo miserable! if i have to pee a little i feel like i haven’t got to go for a week! i am constipated like all the time! i miss taking hot baths & sleeping on my stomach. i wish i could take something like advil for a headache b/c tylenols DO NOT EVER WORK!! i have trouble sleeping. now i am getting heart burn a lot really bad! i can’t wait to get my hair highlighted soon! i am getting TIRED a lot again and feeling lazy. not to mention i am very moody. one min. i am okay, then i’m sooo crabby, when i am not in the mood to just cry all day long. i have been feeling really depressed on/off. i am bored and cannot wait till my baby gets here. i feel like there is nothing really to do but to go shopping. movie theaters are rough b/c my back hurting so bad! and having to pee a lot! i get headaches off/on mainly in the middle of the night! i am really missing my old clothes i can’t fit in now! i feel like i wear the same clothes all the time 🙁 right now i am to the point where as bad as i wanted to be pregnant i hate to even see a HPT commercial on TV right now LOL. it’s definitely harder to get around now as i am feeling the extra weight in my belly hehe.i know not much longer! it’s moving quick, but at the same time it is dragging. less than 3 weeks till my next 4D ultrasound! can’t wait! it’s been a long journey but an amazing experience and it will all be worth it. i plan on having another baby in 3 years or so. i know women do this all the time. but it’s not exactly a picnic. i know why they said last trimester is worst! i’m sure once i lay eyes on my son i’ll forget all about this stuff going on now. i think i am just anxious for him to get here and getting frustrated with this waiting! and hormones are going crazy i guess! so just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat feeling like complaining & just venting i guess. men do not seem to understand! they think they do lol. i mean my hubby has been right there by my side and puts up with my griping about everything. i give him that… but they get the easy part of having kids 😉
A: so far I can only complain about water retention (some days is HELL)cravings that are BAD (chocolate chip cookies, desserts, tortas)heartburnback painI hate sleeping on my left sideI’m 20 pounds heavier I’m clumsymy boobs are itchyi have to pee very oftenI only love being pregnant because I’m being spoiled by my family.
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