Why is it unknown

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The autopsy is so far inconclusive and reason of “The Rev” death is still not determined. The report failed to conclude anything. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-unknown ]
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How can I get the phone number that comes in as unknown
You can’t call back an anonymous phone number once the call has been received by your phone. Try trapcall.com to avoid blocked numbers.
How do i find out who is calling unknown?
What you can do for future unknown calls, is register private number block service from your phone provider so they cannot block their number and call you. Go to your local provider website to find out more.
Where is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located?
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located in Arlington, Virginia . It is also sometimes referred to as the Tomb of the Unknowns.

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Why is it so difficult to face the UNKNOWN? Why is FEAR so powerful?
Q: we can all become familiar with things/situations in life; even if it is NOT in our best interest. We fear the unknown, even though the OUTCOME could be to our benefit. How can one get out of the fear to face possible positive results?
A: From personal and professional experience I can tell you that the answer is surprisingly simple. Fear is a basic animal defense mechanism. It warns us when we are, or about to be, in danger. It gets a bit more complex when it involves the human condition but that’s fear in a nutshell. It really is that simple. If you’ll notice, we all fear different things. As with other animals, this is due to life experience. It’s much easier to see in dogs. Ever notice how some dogs will run up to a stranger and have no fear, and others are very shy and timid? That is due to their collective experiences with humans. Some are afraid of water and some just jump right in? That is, in part at least, due to their breed, otherwise known as genetics. But that’s a whole other 3 hour lecture and, believe me, you do not want that. Unless it’s an irrational fear, AKA paranoia, fear is simple, sometimes even easy, to overcome. One must remind themself that this is a response that is totally within his/her control. Then whoop it’s butt by confronting it. To quote a famous commercial, “Just do it.” I’ll tell ya, from personal experience, this simple fix works. I grew up learning every day to be fearful of something else. I finally got sick of it and went to war. One by one I took on my fears and after each encounter, it got easier. Now, the sky’s the limit. Within reason of course. Now when I feel fear I know it’s for good reason and I listen because I’ve reconditioned myself and know that fear is now a valid warning that I may be about to do something that’s over the line. We as human beings tend to look for the easy fix. What I’ve done is simple, but certainly not easy. Everything in life is a tradeoff. You want something. But in order to get it, you gotta give something. Only one question left. “Is it worth it?” The answer to that question determines how far we’re willing to go to get what we want. If the answer is “Yes, it’s worth it.” Then just do it. Tell that little voice in your head to shut up and go for it!!!!!!!!! Worked for me and a couple dozen emotionally disturbed kids that I had the privelage of helping. Can I get a big Amen sister? God bless and good luck.
What is teleportation? Why an unknown indian still being tortured with this experiment? and why was it extende
Q: What is teleportation? Why an unknown indian still being tortured with this experiment? and why was it extended from 10 to 11 years? is it not a violation of human rights?
A: Are they talking about black helicopters as well?Oh, to answer your original question, teleportation is the movement of matter from one place to another without it going through the intervening area. In other words, Star Trek stuff, also known as fiction.You might check your sources to make sure they don’t spur other BS like this.
the irs website said my refund is comin by feb 12 2 days later it said jan 29 and now it says its unknown why?
Q: yea i try to do it alot of times, thatnx for the infoand also, when i goto the IRS website it says i may have made a mistake with social security numbers and whatnot
A: Mine did the same it went from 2/12 to 1/29 then unknown and then today it said it will be deposited 1/25 (tomorrow )
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