Why the hell not

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If hell exists, then why can God not get rid of it, or at least make it a bit less nasty?
Q: Basically i understand the view that because God has given us free will to accept or reject him, non-believers cannot get into heaven. What i don’t understand is why the alternative has to be hell, and why hell (according to some christians) has to be as terrible as it is. Surely this is a very harsh punishment for someone who has happened to be brought up a hindu (for example), or someone who has gone through bad times and lost their faith. Isn’t Christianity supposed to be a forgiving religion?
A: I don’t see how a loving being could even have the idea of creating a fire pit of eternal damnation. I personally wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy so why would God?And for those who say we ‘choose hell’ thats clearly bull. Hell is our default destination, and basically the only way out is to luck up and be born into a christian family.
Bible attackers, why do you ask why Hell has to last forever?
Q: People who go to Hell end up there because they rejected the gift of salvation through Jesus. They had a chance and they refused it. They do not want to be with God. They get what they want.
A: Amen!I’m with you!
Why do some people think God is unjust because of the existence of hell?
Q: It’s simple. If you hear the truth and reject it, then the possibility you will go to heaven is very slim, to put it nicely (unless of course you have a change of heart before you die). No one – not even God – is forcing you not to believe. God tells us what is required to even have the hope of heaven, and when you choose to disobey and reject Him out of your own free will you will reap the consequences of that choice.If you don’t even believe in God and heaven and hell, why care so much about them?
A: Because the biblical god is obviously evil and insane.
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