Why would your period be late if your not pregnant

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It can be late due to too much stress, hormone imbalance, breastfeeding, unbalanced diet, certain medications, vigorous exercise. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-your-period-be-late-if-your-not-pregnant ]
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How many weeks late can a woman be on her period and not be pregn…?
Skipping a period can be caused by other factors like stress as well as being pregnant.The only way to know why is to take a test.
Can your period be really late not be pregnant??
It is possible to have a really late period or even a missed period and not be pregnant. Your periods can be irregular due to a number of things like stress, eating differently and hormones so it doesn’t necessarily mean you are pregnant.
Why is my period late – not pregnant?
there are alot of reasons why you might miss a period stress is only one of them. A change of diet along with drastic weight loss/gain excessive exercise etc. If you are still worried or it doesn’t come soon Goo your doctor to make sure tha…

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Why would you miss a period if your not pregnant?
Q: I normally have very regular periods and for some reason I’m 2 weeks late and its REALLY strange. I took a test and it came up negative so I don’t think its that so what are other reasons for a missed or very late period?
A: Don’t worry about hon, its totally normal for you too miss 2 weeks even though your usually normal, imagine 5 months, that’s what happened to me because of stress. Are you going through stress? That could be why.
What are some reasons why your period might be late?
Q: I know the obvious one, but no I dont have sex. so thats not an option. It annoys me how my periods come & go. & I think because I stress over it I put it off for ever longer… I start imagining things like that I got druged & raped or something ( I know its extreme) but I dont really have a full on aspect of what sex is ( ive never had it). I guess I would know if I got raped right? but getting pregnant is one of my biggest fears ( im 17) which is probably why I dont sleep with anybody ( not yet)/.Am I crazy? what are some ways I could stop my self from worrying.by the way last time I was worried like that my period was almost a month late…but i KNOW im not pregnant, so why do I still worry? I mean its not like I get drunk off my face & dont remeber what happened that night, Im always aware of everything im doing, so why am I stresssing over this, help/
A: Sounds like you have a bit of an anxiety issue. Has anyone close to you gotten pregnant or has something bad happened to someone you know or care about? But things that can affect your period are of course stress, exercise and dieting as well as too much weight gain. It sound like you should talk to a counselor about your anxieties . Plus i think its great that you dont feel the need to have sex and are afraid to get pregnant . You are young you have so much to do with your life first 🙂
Why does my period comes late after i got married .. and why am not getting pregnant?
Q: before i got married i used to have my period sometimes late but with no pain , i never felt pain actually, and after i got married am having problems with my period , it always come late never on time , and it makes me always in pain before it comes , is it something normal ? and also since 4 months we got married i never used any birth control and i never get pregnant. is that normal? because some people told me that because am skinny and my body is weak so the pregnancy cant happen and some people said that because am depressed cz am away far from my family, and others tell me its from my cat !! !! am really scared to visit a doctor cz am afraid he would tell me you cant have kids :'( and i really want to be a mom :'( sooo please if anyone knows anything about what am having answer me.. thx and i appreciate your help ..
A: Congrats on your marriage! There are many couples that don’t achieve pregnancy right away. In fact the average time is a year of trying. Try not to stress, enjoy your husband and get used to being married! That is a huge change in your life which can effect your period! Stress, diet, exercise are all things that can delay or change your cycle. I have some great tips on TTC. The best thing is to relax, make love every other day, take care of yourself. Your hunny too, no smoking, drinking even caffiene has been known to reduce chances. Your cat, no not so much lol… I’ve NEVER heard of that being a factor. Its after you conceive you don’t want to mess with cleaning the cat box as you can contract a disease from the fecies and it can cause birth defects. I had my hubby clean it the whole time we were trying for a baby to be on the safe side:) Hubby needs to stay out of hot tubs, needs to not wear briefs but loose boxers or boxer briefs are good. Sperm need to stay at a certain temp to survive. As for you, start taking a multi vitamin and extra folic acid or you can even start taking your prenatal now. They say now its good to aid conception and prepare your body. Whole milk dairy is great to help you to produce the fertile cervical mucous. Sorry if TMI but that is what carries the sperm. Most lubricants are not sperm friendly so best to not use them. our bodies take care of that naturally anyway;) I found this to be a great resource in learning about my fertility http://www.fertilityfriend.com/I used their free member ship feature to track my ovulation which was very helpful too. My period had it’s own cycle, about 2 times a year I would skip a month and it would revert from the end of the month to the beginning of the next month. It was great (sarcasm). This tracking system though really helped to have an idea when I was going to get my period. Also make sure no matter what, you go potty every time after you have sex. When I was first married I got urinary tract infections from ignoring that rule (actually no one told me till later). I had what they like to call “new bridal syndrom. Its not fun so just go after you make love and you shouldn’t have any problems:)Email me if you have more questions. Ive been married now for almost 9 years (in May). Don’t give up but make sure that you keep the romance in the marriage or your husband will not be happy. Also I know you didn’t ask but I’m telling you anyway. My husband and I read a wonderful book at about year 7 and we wished we’d found it sooner. Every married couple needs to read “Men Are Like Waffles and Women are Like Speghetti” it has fun quizes but most of all it’s about how different we are and how we need to know how the other thinks. IT was a major eye opener even after 7 years of marriage lol. Best of luck and blessings:)
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