Will I be a dad soon

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If your partner is pregnant, then yes! sometime in the next 9 months. Here is a baby name finder just in case! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-i-be-a-dad-soon ]
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Is janett’s dad going to get better soon
Crystal Ball says: Outlook is good. Place your bets on that one. Get better soon. ChaCha.
What do I say if my BFs dad dies… soon?
if your bf’s dad dies,i would tell him i am there for him and he can let all his emotions out,even cry if he wants to. i would tell him you are so sorry,and you think he needs to just talk to you to get all his grief out. tell him you love …
How can i qet my phone back from my dad as soon as possible ??
If my kid was to look for a phone I took away, it would end up in a thousand pieces. People survived for decades without those damn cell phones. You will too. Learn to study instead of yapping on the phone 24/7. More kids should have parent…

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Ok, My dad will be 50 soon and I am looking for a newspaper article dated for 18-02-1958…How can I Find one?
Q: Preferbly in English lol.
A: Try the library.
i eat loads but im not fat but not super skinny, my dad says it will soon catch up on me. is this true???
Q: im quite scared about this because i dont want to end up fat. im 15 i dont eat healthy but i dont eat unhealthy- if u kno wot i mean, i do a reasonable amount of exercise
A: If you don’t have a weight problem then don’t worry about it. Try to make healthy food choices and keep active. It is true that when you are young and growing your metabolism is generally faster and you can eat more without seeing negative effects. When you get a bit older your metabolism will possibly slow down, but your need for food will decrease as well. Just listen to your body and never eat until you are uncomfortably full.
My blood pressure usually remains high 139/89 or more?I’m 24 m.My dad says u will soon go into dialysis.Will I?
Q: I drink tea 4-5 cups and sometimes I smoke, I smoke very less. Sometimes I don’t smoke for weeks.Maybe like 2 cigarette and not more.My dad checks BP of mine some times, my BP comes normal, but more times it’s comes high.He says you better quit drinking tea,coffee and never drink it ever in your life and you always tries to keep the BP within safe limit. If you don’t do so, with high BP you will very soon damage the kidney and then you will go into dialysis for your whole life.He says high BP is damaging you every moment and it takes years to see it’s devastating effect.He ain’t a doctor, but he spent times reading books and browsing internet for health quite often.I’m a healthy guy and I am not doing exercise these days, but I can jodge for 4KM without stopping and I have good stamina and I’m not fat, looks normal and have height 6 feet 1 inch.
A: Hi umery K,It is quite obvious that your dad is not a doctor !!!!!I have my doubts as to whether he is able to monitor blood properly, but if the reading is correct you are only just above normal and certainly not high enough to be overly concerned about.Blood pressure refers to the amount of blood in your arteries when the heart is pumping and when the heart is resting between contractions.The top figure is when the artery is filled up by the heart pumping blood out into the body and the bottom figure is when the heart is resting.It is the bottom figure which is the most important and a normal reading for the bottom in an adult is between 60-80. If yours is 89 do you see how close to normal you are? It is when the bottom figure reaches 100-110 that it becomes necessary to go onto medication to lower it.The kidneys will be one of the last things to be affected. heart attacks and strokes are the main problems associated with high blood pressure.Dialysis is for people whose kidneys fail to function at all and that is not associated with high blood pressure.I think you should see your GP. not because there is anything wrong, quite the opposite, I would like you to go to prove to you that you are a perfectly healthy young man with no need to be worried about that blood pressure.There are people with bottom figure readings of more than 200′ They are the ones who need to worry!Please believe me sweetheart there is nothing wrong at all.Hope this has helped.love mel.X
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