Will my girl friend get pregnant

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Will your girl friend get pregnant?
no noway noneed
Can my virgin girl friend get pregnant?
No it can not be possible she would not be pregnant. Unless you ejaculated inside of her she will be fine. If she is a virgin she most certainly can not fall pregnant. You do not need to worry hun
Can my girl friend get pregnant off of dry semen?
“we be affectionate” lol If it’s dry, that means the sperm has died, but be careful, it might be a little wet still, and that way it’s a possibility for her to become pregnant.

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I have just had sex but the condom split befor I cumed will my girl friend get pregnant ?
Q: i really need to no and i dont no what to do
A: She needs to take the morning after pill because there’s a good chance she could get pregnant.
Will my girl friend still get pregnant while on birth control (the shot) will the test show up positive?
Q: How long does it take to know if she is pregnant or not of she is on depo (the shot)?Merry Christmas and God Bless
A: im wondering the same thing ; )
will my girl friend get pregnant?
Q: i had sex with my gf two days ago. but didnt worked out well. i did pushed my penis inside of her for about 20 secounds but did not penetrate inside. i fingered her after for about a minute. is there any chances of getting pregnant? (i am really worried, reposting)any help or advice would be great please!!!!
A: Yep she is u better run over to her house and tell her mom and dad that u knocked her up!!! HURRY
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