Will you have less chance of getting pregnant the day after your period

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A woman’s most fertile period varies from woman to woman. There is still a small chance you can get pregnant after your period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-you-have-less-chance-of-getting-pregnant-the-day-after-your-period ]
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Is there less chances of getting pregnant 14 days after your peri…?
I think the other readers have misunderstood your question thinking you mean day 14 of your cycle not 14 days after period has ended. If your cycle is a 5 week cycle then you may have a chance 14 days after your period making it approx day …

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do you knowanyone who had got pregnant the day before their period or during their period?
Q: i know their is less of a chance of pregnancy at this time, though i would like to know anyone who has fallin pregnant near to or on period and what were your symptoms, and how long did you wait to test.I had sex day before my period, which i then had normal 6day period, but 4days later after period i had brown spotting which is unusual for me to have, it is to early for me to test just now, though i have has cramping, nausea, and lower back pain recently and the time i had spotting would had been when implantation would had took place if i am pregnant. I’ve been told that no chance i will be though then people say alsoyou can get pregnant at anytime of the month and with recent symptoms and spotting which have never happened before i would just like to find out if anyone has had this or became pregnant around the time of their period?
A: it is possable.i would wait a further 6 days then do a test. why i say 6 days is to let ur urine samples be more accurate. yes and you can be late for about 16 days after sex.your back pain mite just be because u had sex and you could b aching coz u streached thows musclestake a test in 6 days
I keep wondering if I would ovulate without Clomid but am to scared to miss a chance at getting pregnant!?
Q: So I had my Mirena removed in Sept and by January it was clear that I wasn’t ovulating. The data on Mirena says that it doesn’t normally stop ovulation but sometimes it does but ovulation should resume once its removed. Every person I found who had ovulation problems after Mirena (and it wasn’t many people) went a year before getting help. Its entirely possible that a problem developed while on Mirena that of course wasn’t noticable because it changes or eliminates your periods so I’m not sure it is responsible for not ovulating afterwards.It does have hormones though and they DO get into your system more than they lead you to believe. My doc has me on Clomid and it made me ovulate last month but I didn’t get pregnant. I’m a week or less away from ovulating again on my second round and I may get pregnant and none of this would matter.Thing is, there are risks to Clomid and they limit you to how many cycles you can try it for. I’d heard of people being given provera to start a period and their cycles picking up from there without Clomid. I don’t regret not trying other options first because I had already lost 5 months to not even ovulating. I’ve only had 1 shot so far and that was with Clomid. I’m feeling good that I will ovulate again on it.I’m just thinking that if this doesn’t work, I might want to skip a month. I keep thinking that maybe the Mirena left hormones in my system, maybe this, maybe that blah blah blah. I would be upset to lose more time and waste a month, and if its stupid to think I could just ovulate on my own then I don’t want to waste the time. I think, well even if I don’t ovulate, at least I got to check and see, and won’t have a due date around Christmas – I know you can’t control it and could be due in January and go into early labor etc. I’m just figure it could be enough of an excuse to see if my body works on its own. The Clomid gave me more intense PMS symptoms than I was used to which was upsetting since I thought they were signs of pregnancy. I’d LIKE to be able to do this on my own but don’t have anything using drugs when they are needed.Just looking for opinions… anyone do something like this then kick themselves for missing a month? If I don’t ovulate on my own, I’ll have to induce a period with provera again which will add another 15 days to whatever period of time I wait to see.Is that totally stupid?helper – wow! I agree, its REALLY nice to have someone know what you are going through. Feel free to msg me if you want to talk about it.I was charting my temp AND taking OPKs. I got a lot of positives with the OPKs but never got a temp shift to confirm. With my first round of clomid I used a different brand of OPKs (hopefully less sensitive) and never saw a positive but got a temp shift. I will still use OPKs but I don’t trust them to be my only method of ovulation detection.Getting your period 14 days or so after suspected ovulation is usually good confirmation that it happened, so even if you get a BFN, that should be some reassurance.Clomid can lessen your chances of getting pregnant by thining your lining or drying up your CM. I don’t think it did that for me. But it did give me crazy PMS symptoms that made me think I was pregnant and really messed with my head. You can’t take it more than 6 times either without a risk for things like cancer.
A: Oh my gosh, FINALLY someone who knows what I was going through! That’s what happened to me. I went off the pill shortly after we got married. I had my period the month after, then the next month it was late, then the month after that… nothing. I thought maybe it was just the pill, so I have it some time. Turns out, I wasn’t ovulating the three months that I wasn’t getting my period. So my doctor put me on Provera and it worked like a total charm, I got my period three days after the 10-day dosage. I used an OPK after to see if I would ovulate on my own, and it seems as though I got positive results, so we baby danced. Anyway, I test tomorrow to see if I am pregnant, but I am starting to feel like maybe I didn’t ovulate. If not, I will go back to the doctor and she will put me on Clomid.Okay – sorry for my whole life story (haha), let’s get to YOU! I would totally try Clomid again, BUT I would do what you are doing and wait a month. I would most definitely invest in an OPK (I used Clear Blue) and see if you get the surge.If you don’t, make an appointment at the doctor to get back on Clomid to try. I don’t know much about Clomid, but I have never heard that it lessens your chance of conceiving each month. Talk to your doctor, because maybe there are other options that we don’t know about. I know I probably didn’t help at all, but I know it’s reassuring to know people who are in your shoes or who have been.I wish you all the luck in the world, God bless, and lots of baby dust!
Question about Mirena?
Q: Hopefully someone else had this experience with mirena. My GF and I both had unprotected sex twice , and she has Mirena, and has had it for a year and a half, or more. She thinks shes pregnant, because she has been throwing up, and she says she has to pee like every 20-25 minutes but holds till around an hour, she also says she gets hungry and fixes food then shes not hungry. But I also know from personal experience if you think something is happening with your body and isnt, your body will act like there is. The first time we had unprotected sex she had her period the day after. The second was like 4-5 days after her period i think. Her periods with Mirena ,are light and occur every 2-3 months i believe. Were gonna get an E.P.T prenancy test then see is gonna geta blood test i think. What are the chances shes pregnant? Is it less likely to get pregnant with mirena the longer it is in? And if you think she is do you think it would be a miscarriage because of mirena? Experienced answers only
A: You can become pregnant with Mirena, BUT the chances are very slim. I had Mirena for 4 years before I was married. The first thing I would have your girlfriend do is make sure it is still in place correctly. As gross as it is she should be doing this regularly anyway. She should be able to feel the two small strings by inserting her finger into her you know where. If it has not moved or been expelled I would take the test to ease your minds, but I bet she is probably not pregnant. It does not work better the longer it is in, but you can become pregnant immediately once removed. So she should check it as soon as possible!!!
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