Would I feel different if I’m only 3 days pregnant

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If you’re unusually tuned into your body, you might begin to suspect that you’re pregnant within the first few days of pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/would-i-feel-different-if-i%27m-only-3-days-pregnant ]
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Would I feel different if I’m only 3 days pregnant
Most likely you wouldn’t feel different. However in some cases morning sickness can occur as early as the first week of pregnancy.

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I had my period,it was early though,it didn’t seem normal,I would only be 3 or 4 weeks should I test again?
Q: Where to start……..I had my period,it was early an it never is maybe late thats about it.It just didn’t feel normal to me even though it lasted 6 days.I’m never bloated before or after my period an I have been for almost 4 weeks now.My breast have been sore an still are,my eating habits have changed nothings good anymore along with sleep I always feel tired,I do feel sick at times but I don’t vomit,A head ache will come on out of no where an will pass within 5-20 mins at times.My lower back hurts on the right side…My right side feels different all the way around.I have put a lil extra on,right under my belly button it’s very noticeable it really looks different.I did a home pregnancy test it was negative.I’m still having cramps they come an go.I have a small build,So if I was to be pregnant could I be showing already? As well could 3 to 4 weeks be to early to test?I know a female can have her period while pregnant.It would help me a lot to hear what others think.
A: Ok by the sounds of it you are pregnant! Or may have some problems with your system.You might have an ovarian cyst (from the pain and irregualr periods) or endimetrosis (condition in uterus).Now I would still suggest you are pregnant. You wont show no matter how small until at LEAST 12 weeks so dont worry about that.You CAN GET YOUR PERIOD while pregnant!! My mom had hers for 6 months ON TIME hahha…..and also I have friends who had it on time…very weird..But fatigue, weight gain, nausea and cramps DEFINATELY point to pregnancy!!Get a test for sure….if it doesnt work try again in 7 days…(best to go to ur doctor it will show)
I don’t know if I’m pregnant?
Q: My period was only 3 days late, I’m always regular. When I got my period it was different than usual, it was very light to really heavy, usually it’s the other way around. I took a pregnancy test it was negative. But I’ve been feeling so weird lately, really tired, and eating alot. I’m always hungry. If I were pregnant I think I’d only be about a montrh in, so would I be eating this much already? Should I take another test?
A: The fact that you have had your period, albeit 3 days late, indiactes that you are not pregnant.
Should I choose a different vet?
Q: I have a female Maltese that I think is pregnant. Her vulva is still slightly swollen, her breasts under her nipples are slightly swollen, she sleeps all the time, and constantly wants to be right next to me. I brought her to the vet on wednesday (she would have been 36 days/5 weeks along). The vet palpated her and said that he didn’t think she was pregnant. However, I read that after 30 days you can no longer feel the pups by palpating, is this true and could it be that the pups are too small and he could have missed them? Also, he did it while she was standing in a normal position, is this right or should the dog be laying down? He also said that she had only gained 3 ounces and if she was pregnant she would have gained more, I read that they don’t gain weight until after 5 weeks so what is he talking about? I’m worried that he might not know what he’s doing. Should I trust him or find another vet? Which thing is he right/wrong about?
A: It may be that after a certain time you can no longer count the pups by palpating? I’m not sure. Anyway, palpation while the dog is standing is normal – some vets may do it differently but it’s a matter of style. On a thin small breed dog (is the dog overweight? Makes palpation more difficult) a pregancy should be palpable now, but it could really vary. I think that palpation is unlikely to detect pregnancy *earlier* than now … but it depends on the dog.Did your vet explain WHY she might have pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant (so-called “false pregnancy”)? or did he treat you like your observations were invalid? I’d base my judgment about switching vets on that, rather than trying to guess his competence level. If you don’t feel confident in your vet and can’t get an understandable explanation out of him, you should switch just based on a bad match. An owner of breeding animals should have a vet with interest and experience with reproduction.By the way, X-rays aren’t sure to prove pregnancy for another couple weeks (no bony skeletons yet). Ultrasound might, but it’d be really expensive to find out about something you’re going to find out by waiting anyways.
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