Yes or no. Am i pregnant

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Ummm…Yes. You should take a test to be sure. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Yes or no.. Am i pregnant?
if your late and you have thouse signs you could be but you have to take a test to know. if your 5 days late a test would show up by now. if its not showing up go get a blood test done at your docs and it will show for ssure.
What does it mean when my girlfriend’s pregnancy tester says yes …?
If there is ANY indication of a positive result, consider it positive. When you are pregnant, you release a certain hormone. That is what makes the test turn positive. When you are NOT pregnant, your body doesn’t release that hormone. That …
Am I pregnant Yes or no?
It is possible to get a false negative on an At Home Pregnancy test, but they are rare. The symptoms you described can also be attributed to PMS, so they’re not very strong indicators. You can either wait it out a few more days or go to doc…

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Am I pregnant yes or no, can someone let me know?
Q: I got my last depo shot in April, but when I looked it up on the internet it said that the shot stay’s in your body for up to a year. And I took 3 pregnancy test and 1 said yes and the other 2 said error. Am i pregnant or not.
A: yes you are. you cannot get a false positive, but you can get a false negative so if one of the tests said yes then you are pregnant. the tests test for the pregnancy hormone HCG and you only get that hormone when pregnant so you are.
Do you think i am Pregnant yes or no ?
Q: Well recently me and my boyfriend had sex and the condom broke but he says that he did not cum should I be worried? and how long does it take to know you are pregnant I am on birth control but I tend to forget alot please help fast
A: It doesn’t sound likely.
Q: ok so, on october 28 me and my boyfriend decided to get a little sexual. no we did not have intercourse, but i had my underwear and pants on, when he had nothing but his shirt on. his penis went under my legs, touching my vagina, but it did not go in cus my pants were on. he did not ejaculate, either . so now its feb, so its been around 3 months …im scared im pregnant because i havent had my period for 2 months. is it still possible for me to get pregnant? i am only 14 years old ..and i dont wanna tell my parents. i dont have any other symptoms of being pregnant other than my irregular period .k so this is an update on this question . im really terrified that i might be pregnant because i am only 14 years old. be respectful, i know i do stupid things . so, i took a pregnancy test, and it came out as negative. although, my tummy seems to have a little point/bump on it ….but it may just be me or that i have fat. no im not “fat” im farely skinny but yeah. so im still scared im pregnant, because of my period. …however, when i was doing the pregnancy test, and got up, i found blood on the toilet seat … was probobly my period, because i didnt stick the test thing up my …you know ..i dont even think your suppost to . anyways, sorry this is long. please help me ! AND, i still have no symptoms of being pregnant like ” soar breasts, nausea” and things . IM SCARED FOR MY LIFE. PLEASE HELP ! :Dhowever, when i was doing the pregnancy test, and got up, i found blood on the toilet seat … was probobly my period, because i didnt stick the test thing up my …you know ..i dont even think your suppost to ^ sorry i forgot to mention for that part, there was blood on the toilet seat, but hardly nothing on my underwear, just like maybe 1 dot or 2 .
A: If your stomach is FAT, then yes you’re pregnant, but if your whole body is FAT, then I’m not sure.
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