Are girls stupider than Boys

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There is no evidence supporting that either females or males are more intelligent but they both have different thought patterns. [ Source: ]
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Why are girls cleverer than boys but boys call girls stupid??
well they dont fell good about themself or they like her

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Who’s stupider: boys or girls?
A: At this moment, George Bush holds that Trophy ….But it tends to change sexes when the full moon is out !!
Boys Go To Jupiter To Get More Stupider, Girls Go To College To Get More Knowledge?
Q: lol what was the rest of that song thing? (if there is one)i think one line was “girls drink pepsi to get more sexy”
A: LOL! I like the “girls drink pepsi to get more sexy”, wise girls, came up with that! It is used for children that hate boys.”Boys go to jupiter to get more stupider,Girls got to college to get more knowledge,Criss cross applesauceI hate boys! I saw that in a book!:]
does anybody know who even made of the that thing where kids go boys/girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider?
Q: girls/boys go to college to get more knowledge i mean when i was little all the kids would say a fifth grader made it up (obvious thouse kids were as clueless as me) Does anybody even know?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
A: It’s just one of those things that goes around. all the little first graders are like i made it up, and some other first grader will be like, no i made it JERK: Junior, Educated, Rich, KidCOOL: Constipated, Overrated, Out of Style, LOSER!!that stuff. ya know?
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