Are people more honest when they are drunk

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While alcohol can lower a person’s inhibitions, it is not a truth serum. People can still lie or be honest. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Are people honest when they’re drunk?
drunk words are sober thoughts.
Are people ALWAYS honest when they’re drunk?
Yes, whe you get drunk you don’t say I’m going to lie to everyone. When I got drunk and told some girl I wanted to finger bang bang her, it was the truth, normally I would not have said that to her, I would just think it but she wasn’t all …
Are people more honest when sober or drunk?
I think people are far more honest when they are drunk!

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When people are drunk, do they tend to be more honest then when sober?
Q: Does the truth come out when one is intoxicated? I tend to think yes, since we lose our inhibitions. Your opinion?
A: Not only in speak (because to be honest you cannot understand a drunk half the time) but mostly in action.If a person is a crying drunk they are basically a sad person. If they are argumentative or mean-guess what??Violent-stay away
Are people MORE honest or just MORE stupid when drunk?
Q: I always felt (including myself) I did things and said things that I would normally never do or say (or feel…), some friends feel people are more HONEST when drunk, what do you think?
A: My personal observation is that it (alcohol) is a stimulant before it becomes a depressant. The one drinking may feel a false sense of being brave or letting go of any inhibitions. Saying and doing things that they would not normally do.It really reminds me of makeup – the young ones wear it to look older, the older ones wear it to look younger…mute point..drinking falls into the same category with me at least. People drink when they are happy and celebrating, they drink when they are depressed, sad, lonely…if one can and does drink in moderation then it really is good for your circulation, and social life. The key factor being moderation, otherwise you will wake up with less money, smelling very bad, your head and stomach will feel awful and you will have thoughts of “oh good grief, did I make an ass of myself?” does not sound like a good trade off to me, but then that is just my opinion…thank you for asking.
Are people more honest when they have been drinking? Or when they are sober?
Q: After a night out at the local bar, my ex-husband and I had an intense emotional conversation. We both admitted that we still love each other. It’s been 9 years since we divorced. He has re-married and is miserable. I have dated more than my share looking for “the one”, with no luck. Is it true that people tend to be more honest when they are drunk and their guard is down? Or does past experiences shown it to be just “the alcohol talking”?Thank you for your thoughts on this subject!!
A: The Roman’s knew the answer to this question over a thousand years ago.”In vino veritas.” In wine, there is truth.
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