Can blind people see when they dream

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People who are blind do dream. How they dream depends on whether they were blind from birth or lost their sight. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Most researchers believe that people who are blind from birth or who become blind in infancy do not see in their dreams. They do not retain visual imagery because it was never acquired in the first place. However, those blinded in childhood…
Dreams are from subconscious mind based on their waking life. If they visualize a flower like a box, then in dream, that will be how they visualize or project. To normal people, the image of flower are with leaves and stand out on top of ea…
dreaming is innate in all mammals, it’s what the brain needs in order to process the experiences they’ve had. In humans dreams have become more intricate and complex in it’s dimensions. But with all logic applied, even blind people dream, w…

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When blind people dream do they see?
Q: I mean do they see images and the world like when we dream.
A: People who never had sight do not dream in images. People who used to see, still see in dreams, just as people who are paralyzed and can’t move their legs still walk and run in dreams because they -remember- walking and running.
What do blind people see when they dream?
Q: What do people who are blind see in their dreams?
A: They don’t see anything they dream in voices. I once asked my deaf friend how he dreams and he dreams in sign language.
When and if blind people dream, what do they see?
Q: Do they see things like people who can see them can? In their mind’s eye? Do they just get it in black and white, or can they see color?
A: i have been blind for nearly six years and yes, i usually dream in images. For me, it is a beautiful experience, because at least in that realm i have my “sight” back. i do dream sometimes in only auditory senses though, and that is happening more often in recent years.
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