Can i tell you my life problems

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Will you tell me some of the problems in your life??
Facing low self confidence. Failing trying to overcome it. Failing to make new relationships despite of extreme efforts, No gf in vainly trying to improve communication skills, Troubles with study at the university (fear of failing some p…
How can a parent tell if a teen is having life problems??
It’s important for parents to look and listen when their children become teenagers. They need to look closely at their teen’s life—what are his or her interests, who are his or her friends, where does he or she spend time, how is he or she …
Where Any life problems, issues, Why not tell us
Whether it be problems at school, with friends, with fashion,parent, exam pressure etc… but please no points/competition related questions. This is for personal & life queries only! anything on your mind email us at This e-mail addres…

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What should you do if you like a girl and she has problems in life but wont tell you and you only want to help?
Q: I like a girl and i only want to help her but she wont let me know whats wrong, ever. I know she has problems in life and she defiantly confuses me when she wont tell me what they are. Any advice on how to help me help her? All i want to do is care.
A: Wow this situation is rough. Depending on the girl it makes it even harder. If she’s like me and doesn’t like putting her problems on anyone else it’s VERY difficult. My best advice is try telling her that you care and all you want to do is help…..see how she responds. If she says i know then she will come to you if she needs help. If she says i’m ok she doesn’t want to bother you with it but needs someone their and you telling her that just made her feel better. If she says she doesn’t want to talk about it then don’t, giver her her space and time.Being a true friend means being there when someone truly needs you and every person in life knows that somewhere deep inside. Don’t push her to tell you what’s wrong but let her know you’re there for her.Everything Happens for a Reason
Life problems, tell me what to do please!?
Q: My boyfriend and I aren’t working out. We’ve been together for 7 months to this day, and we have lots of issues.I can’t stay here anymore, his parents said since things weren’t working out between my boyfriend and I, that we needed to talk about me moving back to Missouri. His parents said in a nice way that I was no longer wanted here. My options are Colorado or Missouri…Missouri: go to college in August (where I’ve got some credits from high school), get to hang out with family and friends a lot, and get a place all to myself (and my dog), I can get a job at my parents work also. But my boyfriend won’t go with me… Apartments are cheaper there, and my family will take me out to dinner every Saturday. -OR-Colorado: Keep my boyfriend, go to college (where I’d have to switch credits over if they’ll transfer), I can keep my dog, but I’d have to move out of this house. And I CANT find a job here! I need experience or a degree, and I have neither. I have no family here, and my boyfriend won’t let me be friends with his friends, and he won’t take me out to meet new people. (so I have no friends here)Should I stay with my boyfriend and not succeed in life, but have the love I’ve always wanted, or should I move to Missouri where I’d succeed, but I’d be lonely with no boyfriend? I do love my boyfriend too… a hell of a lot!Serious answers too, if I move, I’d have to go in less than a month, and I won’t be able to tell my parents that I live there until I’m already settled… << It’d be a surprise!
A: if your boyfriend REALLY loves you he wont let the states keep you apart. so i think you should move to missouri. im sorry but after college maybe you can get a really good job and then buy your own house and you can move in together.i can give pretty good advice. and i think that you should move to missouri.
why do other people bother me with their problems and life stories?
Q: i have never bothered anyone with my problems or told them my life story.yes i fought the ted in the 80s and 90s, but thats no reason to brag about it!
A: Maybe you just seem like a very open person who listens well. Maybe you seem like someone who is willing to listen, and won’t judge or anything. People pick up things like that in others.
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