Can sleeping a lot be a sign of depression

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Yes, sleeping to much and not enough are signs of depression. ChaCha again soon. We are rocking all night. [ Source: ]
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Could not sleeping good be a sign of depression?
Your depression is understandable with your husband away from his family fighting a war that we don’t belong. His and your future is quite uncertain. Try to be brave and pray for his safe return. Being depressed can bring out both problems:…
Can sleeping at unusual times of the day be a sign of depression??
It would be ONE sign of depression: irregular sleeping patterns. But there are many more, like change in appetite, feelings of sadness, significant weight loss/gain, etc I wouldn’t say you had depression if you just sleps at unusaul times, …
Is it a bad sign that when i am sleeping i get very depressed ??
I would say it is a bad sign. When we sleep, our subconscious mind takes over. So getting depressed would indicate depression in your subconscious mind, that perhaps you don’t want to feel when you are awake.

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Is sleeping a lot one sign of depression?
Q: Like, if you sleep a lot, to get away from the world and your mom said it was (my mom has been diagnosed with depression when she was younger, and so has my sister)I was just wondering if this is true in some cases?
A: Yes sleeping a lot and feeling lethargic with lack of energy is one sign of depression. Try and find activities that you enjoy doing when you feel like sleeping excess amounts.
Is crying a lot over things troubling me in life a sign that I have depression?
Q: Everytime I think of my problems, I can’t stop crying. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. If this is depression then what can a 16-year-old do about it? Should the doctor prescribe me something?I also have anxiety, bad self control, and OCD, if that helps at all.
A: It means grow a pair and get over it. :]sorry that was bitchy.. That’s who I am.. But yeah, it could be depression, but it’s okay to cry about it.. It’s probably anage thing, I’m going through it as well. Life is shitty when your 16.
is taking sleeping pills the same as being depressed and sleeping a lot?
Q: i remember learning in psychology ayear ago that sleeping all the time and fatigue is a sign of depression – but what if you take sleeping pills because you never want see the world. – is that the same thing?
A: Depression could be the reason, but I had the same problem. I just couldn’t sleep during the night. I tried medication after medication. Of course I was extremely tired during the day, because I wasn’t sleeping at night. I finally went in for a sleep study. I have sleep apnea (I stop breathing for short periods of time when I sleep). A breathing machine (CPAP) is what was prescribed for me. It worked too.If you think you are depressed, see a doctor. If you suspect it’s not, look for a physiological reason.
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