Can we control are dreams and what they are

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No, you cannot control your dreams but you can control what you watch and think about before you dream. Thank you, ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Im not totally sure about the whole tapping of the head thing, but lucid dreams are definatly what you are trying to achieve. There are a few methods that may assist you getting to that stage, but I am not sure if there is a surefire recipe…
There is a book I read yeaars ago which dealt with this subject. It is called “lucid dreaming”. It suggests that you can, with training….
Yes because there’s something called Lucid Dreaming. That’s when you become aware in your dream that you are dreaming. Once you realize you are dreaming you can control your dreams. Check this site out: . The key …

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Can you actually control your dreams or they’re manifestations from the mind?
Q: i mean, can you control what you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming? like if you were a character, can you control what you do in your dreams? or is like a movie where the character is you but you can’t control what’s happening around you? i mean in general, because i had a very strange dream of me doing something i don’t know if i’d do irl, what’s going on?
A: hey i can control them somtimes and somtimes i cant
What will be effect if we control our Dreams?
Q: some of the people can control their dreams. Is it helpfull to us?
A: What you are describing is called lucid dreaming. You can google it if ur interested.
Do we have control over our dreams and nightmares?
Q: Do we have control over what we dream when we are sleeping and the nightmares we have when we are sleeping? Is it true that sometimes we dream about what we think about before going to sleep? Is it true that we sometimes have dreams about things that are in our sub-concious? Please educate me on dreams and how the sleeping/dreaming process works so I have a better understanding of it. Thanks!!
A: I think what you’re looking for is called lucid dreaming. It actually exists in many levels; in lower levels of lucid dreaming, you become aware or conscious that you are dreaming, and in higher levels you go so far as to take control of your actions, and possibly even the dream.We do have a tendency to dream about that which we were most recently thinking before going to sleep, and sometimes we do have dreams directly influenced by our subconsciousness.
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