Can you literally be scared to death

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Martin A. Samuels, a neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, says it’s possible to die from intense fear. [ Source: ]
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Can someone be literally scared to death?
It’s a staple of ghost stories, horror films, spooky TV shows, and creepy books. And I suppose for someone with a heart condition, it may well be true. But can a young, healthy person be literally scared to death, without any physical cau…
Can a person literally be scared to death?
“‘The chilling answer is yes. Even among people with no history of heart problems, profound fear or severe emotional shock can be fatal. According to Dr. Adolph M. Hutter Jr., professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and cardi…

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Can a cat be literally scared to death?
Q: My young cat died suddenly after being swatted by my older cat, however it was only a swat, not an attack.
A: i would like to think so
Is it possible to be literally scared to death?
Q: and I mean to be pretty healthy without any serious heart problems etc. and dying by fear itself. I’d really appreciate if you could find a webpage where something like this may have been documented.
A: this what your looking for
Can someone literally be scared to death?
Q: I heard that one should not scare people because they can die from being scared unexpectadly. Is this true, and if so what happens that causes the person to die?
A: I think that it can happen mostly to older people who are weak to begin with. I know of a family who had a daughter die of a bad car accident and the grandmother dropped dead when she saw the granddaughter in the casket. They say the shock was too much for her to handle. It was so sad.
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