Can you prove reality is real

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You can never prove your own reality, because no one else can ever see it through your eyes. Ask us a question! ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to prove reality is real?
generally this is an axiom so it is stated as a necessary thing. The axiom takes care of the whole “proof” thing. in debates nobody ever brings this premise into question this because it would be considered rude http://en.wikipedi…
Can you prove the reality Formal and Final Causes
Yeah, this is a good question. I think I might have the answer. Well, I think one thing that seems a major weakness in not assuming formal cause is that no object would have any meaning … not even atoms … which is a problem for science,…
How can I logically prove that people and reality dont exist??
well clearly they don’t exist, because if they existed you would feel attached to them, they can touch you and feel you, you can feel them, you have emotions for them, they exist, so far. but in all truth their existence to you is simply pr…

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How to prove reality is real?
Q: What’s the best way to prove that reality exists, and it’s not all a figment of ‘my’; or in your case, ‘your’; imagination?I mean, it’s probably real. But is there any way(s) to prove it?
A: generally this is an axiom so it is stated as a necessary thing.The axiom takes care of the whole “proof” debates nobody ever brings this premise into question this because it would be considered rude limits of knowledge are stated by Russel’s paradox as well side note this paradox pretty much finished of alot of the mathematics that where happening before 1900)
Can you prove if reality is real or simulated?
Q: My question is kind of drawn from the idea of the matrix where Neo finds out that reality is simulated and also it is just out of curiosity of my own conciousness. For example if a crowd of people looked at the moon they would physically see a moon, but almost everyone would have different thoughts about it. If one person’s thoughts are different, but the experience remains the same for everyone can we say whether or not this life is real or simulated?
A: ~Many cells make up the body, human, for instance…these cells are the same, yet different in that one belongs to the heart and another belongs to life giving blood and so on…as one combined unit, we see a person, we don’t see the individual cells that make up that person…does this make those “cells” any less real ?…think about it
Can you ever really prove that reality is real?
Q: Is there any way to prove that everything around you is for real and not some elaborate dream? How can I know that I am not the only being in the universe who is dreaming this all up to keep myself entertained?
A: well in theory, no you cannot. You see, for example: a schizophrenic person or an “insane” person has delusions of reality, or has no concept of reality. While a “sane” person sees reality the true way. Who is right? Who is wrong? The ways each person sees the world; this is there own personal reality.You create your own reality, no one is going to stop you from believing anything. There are too many questions in this world, and hardly any answers. You have to accept this, and realise that your reality in essence is dreamed up from the day you have conscious thoughts. No body’s thoughts, no matter how similar, are the same since we are all different people with different personalities, experiencing the same and different things, we all react differently.Example: My idea of the word “car” could be very different if my husband was killed in a car accident, compared to a friend who is an mechanic who loves cars, but never experienced a tragedy relating to cars.
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