Can you tell me what a Dream means

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Yes, we can tell you what a particular dream means. There are many types of dreams too. What would you like to know about yours? [ Source: ]
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Well let me start by saying I am a Dream Psychologist… of sorts… The white of the bathroom represents the pureness you strive to be and the long mirror represents you wanting to really see the whole picture of yourself. You are trying t…
Well to me that would mean a welcome. I don’t think the colour is particularly significant, but definitely a good sign that he is wagging his tail. Animals in dreams are usually a good sign, but very much so in this dream. Look forward to a…
Yep. In a word, guilt. We all carry some, times we could have really fed someone’s soul with just a word, but we didn’t. When I was young, one of my best friends had a father who came down with brain cancer, and I felt so incapable of givin…

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Can someone please tell me what this dream means?
Q: Okay I had this dream when I was taking a 3 hour nap today. It was really odd. Just recently I had a dream almost exactly the same. I had a dream that my death was being arranged, along with this guy who is good friends with the guy that I like. We were both trying to find a way to escape this arrangement on our own seperate terms. I was worried for him though and he was worried for me. We tried to find each other but with no success. Instead, I led myself right to the place where my death was to take place at that specific time. I was so afraid, I didn’t want to die and I begged for them to let me live. That’s when I woke up. What could this possibly mean?
A: It was just a dream nothing more.
dream interpretors i need you to tell me what this dream means thanks!?
Q: i fell into a big pool of water and had my clothes on I was afraid to drown then I floated to the top and got out of the water. after that I kept pushing this random guy cuz he was pushing me so some other guy started defending me and hitting him for touching me.since i was a girl ..
A: Dreams are very interesting, because they are always our own inner plays. It is a personal drama that one orchestrates, acts out, and delivers the lines and scripts through the psychic forces alive in our unconscious.In your dreams, the pool of water reflects the emotional instincts or your emotional life. Being afraid to drown would symbolize your being afraid of being consumed by your emotional life or being hurt by someone you may have an attachment to now or in the future. Further, your defender might reflect the side of you which is self protective against your emotions and allowing yourself into emotional based situations where you might be hurt.Regards,Storm Cestavanihttp://www.stormcestavani.com
What are some websites that will tell me what my dream means?
Q: I have been having the same dream for two weeks now. I want to know what it means. Tell me the website address. Please and thank you.I need a website where I can type in what my dream is about and it will tell me why I am having this dream.
A: dreammoods has an a-z dictionary which is quite useful.
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