Do all people dream in color

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Research in the sleep lab has shown that most of our dreams are in color (70% to 83%). However, colors are unknown to the blind. [ Source: ]
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What color do blind people Dream in & Do they have dreams?
Blind people do have dreams, but people who are blind from an early age do not perceive colors or imagery at all in their dreams.
Do blind people dream in color?
This is a really interesting topic. Got me thinking for a moment. I am profoundly deaf myself. Right after I was born I loss my hearing due to medical malpractice. I do hear sounds, but I do not pick up everything people say to me. When I d…
Do most people dream in color?
Most people do dream in color, but many may not notice the colors in the dream world. Since color is such a natural part of our normal day to day experience, color may be overlooked in the dream world. In addition, because dreams fade so qu…

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Do blind people dream in color, and what do they see if they dream, or do they dream at all?
Q: I know people that have regular vision dream of what they see in their everday life. What about those that are blind, I wonder what they see in their dreams. Does anyone know anything about that?
A: A person who was born blind will of course have no visual input to their dreams, since they have never had any visual input while awake. They will dream what they percieve irl: sound, smell, touch, taste. A person who went blind in adulthood may still have visual dreams unless the cause of the blindness destroyed that part of the brain where the visual memories are stored.
Is it true that some people never dream in color and instead dream in shades of gray?
Q: I thought everyone dreamt in color. I always have. The subject came up with me and friends one night. One dreamt in colors but they were faded. One couldn’t remember. One dreamt in black and white and my fiance dreams in grey. They thought dreams weren’t in color and I heard there is a lot of people who don’t dream in color. So do more people dream in color or not?
A: It depends on alot of factors with each person, one school of thought feels that we don’t actually dream in color, we just recall it in color during our waking moments and another one has us dreaming in shades of gray, like a early pictures used to be. It could be based on how you were feeling when you first went to sleep, were you very tired, were you stressed out about something, were you happy when you went to sleep? Had you had a bad day or a good day? You see what I mean?My dreams seem to be about 50/50 in that regards, sometimes I recall alot of color and sometimes I seem to recall shades of gray or blacks and whites in my dreams, I seem to recall almost all of my dreams, guess that means something, do recall none from time to time.
Is it true that some people dream in color?
Q: Is it true that some people dream in color, and some in black and white? What is the difference?
A: I thought everybody dreamed in color, but here is what I found:Some people dream in color, others in black and white. Color is a phenomenon of the wave length of light that is entering the eye. Since most people sleep with their eyes closed, if color is present in dreams it would have to originate from the brain. Some studies show that creative people tend to dream in color and that analytical people dream in black and white. Most people dream in both color and black and white.
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