Do blind people have dreams and if so what are they like

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Yes they dream like we dream. Because they are blind, does not make a big difference on how they dream. Have a good night! [ Source: ]
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Do blind people dream? If so, what are their dreams like??
Yes, blind people dream, and it is a testimony to the highly visual nature of most people’s dreams that this question gets asked. For a paper that provides information on the dreams of one group of blind people, along with references to mos…

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Kan blind people see there dreams and a matter of fakt do they even dream?
Q: Their is this blind black women that livs on the corner of a street and i always her her speakin bout a dream but one i didnt know black people or blind people dreamed please inform me if mutations of these people give them more than just mystical mind powers. Thank You for your help on helping me stop them from dreaming
A: One of my friends at university was blind, and I asked him the same question.He was blind since birth, and he told me that his dreams were auditory and tactile. He said, “Your dreams are like watching movies, but my dreams are like listening to the radio.”That made perfect sense to me. Hope it works for you, too. Cheers.
Do blind people when they dream have visual dreams or audio?
Q: I would think if they have been blind from birth that it would be impossible to have visual dreams. It’s hard to imagine. Possibly they just hear voices and noises when they dream.
A: I would have to guess that they still might have visual dreams. The brain still works just fine and it can put together an image based on all the info it has aquired. Like if a blind person touches your face they know the features. The brain could build a mental image of the face and they could see it in a dream. Maybe some small detail would be lost such as skin color but they would have the build of the face shape, size, etc. I would love to hear from a blind person to know for sure.
Do you think that Blind people have dreams and if they do are they “visual” dreams?
Q: I have often wondered about this. If they have been blind from the time of birth, I would think visual dreams would be impossible.
A: ive heard they dream colours, but why not email a bind society and ask them- i did abit of GCSE work in a blind centre, and they were all lovely people, and wanted to tell you whatever you wanted to know
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