Do deaf people dream with sound

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Deaf people do dream in sound. Thank you for using ChaCha and have a great day! [ Source: ]
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Do blind people dream images? Also, do deaf people dream sound??
good question, it may depend on if they were always blind or deaf or if it happened later in life.
Do deaf people hear conversations or sounds in dreams??
It depends if they were born deaf or have become deaf. If they have never heard then they would not be able to dream with sound.
What do blind people dream and can deaf people here thoughts insi…?
I would guess that blind ppl dream in sounds or if they were’nt blind their entire lives they would possibly dream of images or colours they can remember. I once read that deaf people think in sign provided that they’ve learned sign languag…

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Do blind people dream images? Also, do deaf people dream sound?
A: good question,it may depend on if they were always blind or deaf or if it happened later in life.
Do deaf people dream silent dreams?
Q: Or do their dreams have sound? What if they were always deaf? How would they know what sound sounds like?
A: I have studied sign language…have many deaf friends and teachers.A deaf persons world is visual, and tactile.They don’t need sound to experience the world…they do very nicely without it.I have, in my discussions with them, asked this very question…and their response?….”Don’t be silly!”Deaf people communicate visually…they experience music by feeling vibrations…they have vibrating alarm clocks…door bells attached to lights that flash…and a phone system that’s run through either computer or the old teletype system (TTY)Since out dreams are reflections of the world we live in…why wouldn’t a deaf person’s dreams be a reflection of theirs?Theirs is a world without sound…they don’t need it…they don’t dream about it…and many (if asked) don’t want it!They’re happy just the way they are.
How do deaf people think and dream?
Q: when you, a hearing person, thinks do you hear your thoughts in your head? if someone has never heard the sound of thier own voice or anyone elses, do they still think the same way? in movies for example, thoughts are often narrated….and dreaming…when deaf people dream, do all the people they talk with sign…or simply “lip” things?
A: We imagine OUR voice in our heads because it’s the only way to describe OUR thinking process. Most of us think how we talk…so since we hear what we say we add our voice to our mind when we think.They probably still think no! or yes! but it’s more text or image based. Because that’s how they’ve learned to talk. When they learn to read it probably becomes like text.When we were are all babies we were the same way. We couldn’t talk so we would think of an image that we wanted and when we saw it we would get excited or scared.
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