Do do you hypnotize people

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Have the person you’re working with sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Talk slowly in a soothing voice (it doesn’t (more?) [ Source: ]
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How to Hypnotize People
・ 1 Create a relaxed setting for your hypnosis to take place. Soft lighting and a quiet area with no distractions… ・ 2 Speak gently and ask the person that you wish to hypnotize to relax. You want your hypnotized subject… ・ 3 Ask the pe…
Can cobras hypnotize people?
That’s an old wives tale created by the fact that snakes can’t close their eyes. They terminally stare at everything since they have no choice. It appears that they stare deeply into your eyes because, other than looking away, they can’t br…
Was that normal in high school where they’d hypnotize people??
Well, it wasn’t a normal thing. We had this dry graduation party and they had all of these things for us to do to stay away from alcohol. They had sumo wrestling and ahypnotist and magician to keep us from drinking. One guy was crying, whic…

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How to Hypnotize myself and other people ?
Q: I want to know how I could hypnotize myself to do stuff like stop biting my nails or to forget my name. I also want to know how to hypnotize people to like forget their name and stuff like that. I know that I cant hypnotize people to do stuff they don’t want to do.
A: In some ways we are always hypnotized. By the opposite sex, by money, by fashion and any other construct we use to compare two different things for the purpose of control. It’s being a slave out of convenience.
How do you hypnotize people and does it really work?
Q: I’ve never believed in being hypnotized but recently I keep on seeing people get hypnotized on television is it possible to hypnotize people if so how?
A: yes it is very possibel i have done it before myself. alot of times it depends on who your hypnotizing their are a few rules1. they have to beleive in hypnosis2. they have to want to be hypnotized3. u cant make them do somthing “bad” in a trance like steal or kill4. some people are harder than others to hypnotize5. they have to trust youok so how to hypnotizeBefore you begin, ask your partner if they have been hypnotized before, and inquire what the experience was like, so that you will have a better idea how to proceed. Briefly describe the procedure, and ask if there are any questions.It is especially helpful to tell the partner ahead of time that they will clearly remember everything that happens. This serves as a “waking suggestion” which defines the experience in such a way that they are likely to remember everything, even if they otherwise might not. It is very useful in building trust, and in obtaining feedback when the session is over. Reassure the partner that they cannot be made to do anything under hypnosis that they do not want to do. You should also familiarize yourself with the list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them below, so that you will be prepared to answer most of the other questions your partner is likely to bring up. Most induction methods work about equally well, as long as the conditions mentioned in Step 1 have been adequately met (Lynn & Kirsch, 2006). The progressive relaxation method presented here is one of the easiest to learn and to use. (For others, see the Sources and Citations section.) When you are ready to proceed, ask your partner to sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a dimmed room where you are not likely to be disturbed for a while. Turn off cell phones and pagers. Make sure that your partner is not so tired that he or she will be inclined to fall asleep. Ask your partner to close his or her eyes, and imagine being in a “happy place” where one can feel comfortable and secure, such as relaxing in a meadow beside a gently running stream. Speak slowly, in a low, soothing, “hypnotic” voice timed to the partner’s breathing, with considerable elaboration and repetition far beyond the point of boredom in an ordinary conversation. Ask your partner to relax all over, using words like these: “Just let your feet relax, and your legs relax. Feel your hips relaxing, and your waist relaxing. Feel your chest relaxing, and your arms relaxing. Your shoulders relaxing, and your neck and head relaxing. Feel your entire body relaxing, all over.” Gradually change your instructions into suggestions which increase the strength of the feeling of relaxation. “You can feel yourself relaxing now. You can feel a heavy, relaxed feeling coming over you. And as I continue to talk, that heavy relaxed feeling will get stronger and stronger, until it carries you into a deep, peaceful state of hypnosis.” Using your partner’s breathing and body language as a guide, gradually make your suggestions more directive, using suggestions similar to the following. Repeat the suggestions a few times, much as you might repeat the verses and choruses of a song, until your partner appears to be totally relaxed.”Every word that I utter is putting you faster and deeper, and faster and deeper, into a deep, peaceful state of hypnosis.” “Sinking down, and shutting down. Sinking down, and shutting down. Sinking down, and shutting down, shutting down completely.” “And the deeper you go, the deeper you are able to go. And the deeper you go, the deeper you want to go, and the more enjoyable the experience becomes.” You can conclude your induction with words like: “Now you are resting comfortably in a deep, peaceful state of hypnosis, going deeper and faster and deeper and faster all of the time, until I bring you back. You will only accept those suggestions which are for your benefit, and that you are willing to accept.” Provide positive suggestions which are specifically geared to achieving the goal. This will allow the partner to try out new attitudes, feelings, and behaviors which often are not voluntarily attainable.You can also use the Best Me Technique (Gibbons, 2001, 2003) to create suggestions which enable your partners to experience the rewards of a future goal now, in the present, when they are most needed for motivation, lessening or eliminating the need for will power. If the suggested changes are more satisfying than the old patterns after everything is taken into account, they will be retained. More than one hypnosis session may be necessary until the suggested changes are firmly rooted in the partner’s life. Concluding the hypnotic session is even easier than inducing it, because all you have to do is essentially ask your partner to stop imagining.You can begin by saying, “I’m going to count from one to five, and at the count of five you will be feeling wide awake, fully alert, and completely refreshed.”
Is it legal for some people to hypnotize you when you sleep?
Q: When you are sleeping, is it legal for some people to hypnotize you to ask or check what you are thinking in the mind or your head? Can they take information like your password to your bank account or your information when they are hypnotizing you?
A: its irrelevant cos some people cannot hypnotize you when you sleep
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