Do i fall in love to fast

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How fast can you fall in love?
My opinion is that it takes time to let love blossom and grow. It takes a lot to actually fall in love with someone. I am not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not likely. People get infatuation and love mixed up.
Why do some people fall in love so fast?
What one calls falling in love fast is simply sudden intimacy . It is made up of sexual attraction and emotional intimacy. If one is emotionally open with someone who is attractive , and its mutual, its inevitable that this falling in love …
Do men fall in love faster than women?
Yes, they do… it’s been proven! According to a report published in the UK (Daily Telegraph), scientists claim that it takes just 8.2 seconds for a man to fall in love with a woman. The tests were conducted by tracking the eye movements of…

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How Fast Do You Fall In Love?
Q: And do you think it’s bad to fall in love fast? Even if it’s someone you’ve known for a long time?
A: its not bad to fall in love fast…..just it could be tougher later on if u’ve realized you’ve made a mistake by doing just thatAs for knowing that person for a long time, it’s definitly not bad…you’ve known him/her for a while so…
Why did Romeo and Juliet fall in love so fast?
Q: I was re-reading my copy of the play the other day, and I decided to watch the movie again (the 1968 version, of course!). It struck me how fast they seemed to fall in love. Why is this? Did Shakespeare have some meaning or purpose for this? Were the really in love, or was it infatuation?
A: I can see two points for this. First off, Shakespeare may have been trying to say that passion and/or youth make you do crazy things, like believe you’re in love when it’s really just lust.Or, he could have been trying to say that true love is instant and pure, and that once it happens nothing can break it – even if you’ve only met a few hours ago. It really depends on how you want to look at it, since I guess we’ll never really know.
Why do certain people fall in love fast?
Q: You know how people say how they fall for people quickly? Why is that?
A: I think that they are just confused.They are getting this crush or whatever you want to call it mixed up with being “in love”.It takes really and truely falling in love to understand I guess.But when I fell in love I thought about how silly all of my past relationships were.It made me realize how big the word “love” really is and how it is thrown out waay to much!I’m not sure if this answered your question or not haha but thats my opinion 🙂
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