Do most guys prefer brunettes or blondes

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That varies from guy to guy. Personally, I prefer brunettes over blondes. But there is more important things than hair color. [ Source: ]
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Do guys prefer Brunettes, or Blondes?
brunette is better but if it’s blonde long curly hair is hot too so either one of those both are awesome
Do guys prefer blondes or brunettes?
To me it doesn’t matter if a girl is a blond or a brunette. It depends on the clothes they wear to make their hair look good. But if I had to choose then I would say brunettes. 😀
Which of these do you guys prefer? blondes vs brunettes?
I PREFER Blondes, but I’ve gotta admit, a few Brunettes have caught my eye lately. Live on the edge, you might fall off, but at least you know if it hurts when you fall off. It’s ALWAYS the right foot… Then again, at least it’s not both f…

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Why do most guys prefer brunettes over blondes?
Q: I’m talking real blonde, not fake blonde.
A: Hair color to me is like ice cream. I like chocolate, but I like vanilla too. I can’t decide between them, its too hard. Plus when it comes down to it, theres nothing a like a really good strawberry if you can manage to find one.
Do guys prefer blondes, brunettes redheads, black hair, or unnatural colour?
Q: Just a question ive been wondering about. So guys please answer what you prefer. Thanks. 🙂
A: It all depends on the person, the majority of teenagers prefer bleach blonde hair in woman. it does not matter to me if its natural or unnatural…I personally would favor blonde hair, second for me would be black hairand third would be brunette(brown, right?)and last would be red.. i personally dislike red, a lot.
What do most blond guys prefer- brunettes or blondes?
A: i prefer brunettes
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