Do you get smarter by playing video games or by reading books

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Studies show that reading books & playing video games, such as Tetris and other brain teasers can increase brain efficiency! [ Source: ]
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Would a person playing video games or reading a book get bored fi…?
Would a person playing a video game or reading books get bored first? Well, if the book is boring like a dictionary, or a book by Lemony Snicket, then the reader will get bored. But if the person playing a video game is getting frustrated …
Is reading a book more productive than playing video games??
videogames typically only develop hand eye coordination while books help to bridge/repair synapses and are probably more helpful for intelligence. HOWEVER both are most likely simple forms of relaxation and escape which are excellent ways t…
Is reading a book as bad for your eyesight as using the computer …?
There really is no permanent damage that is done by playing video games, watching TV, using the computer, ect. They can cause temporary eye strain, but no lifelong negative effects. Eye strain can happen with reading too. Focusing on one ob…

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Reading=Success in the NBA and life?
Q: I don’t feel any different reading a book, and geting smarter. I read books rarely and fail tests, quizzes. How can reading help me be successful? I read, and read but I dont feel any different. Its boring reading boring articles can someone help me out please. How can I entertain myself while reading boring articles.Hey and also when you do math what goes through your mind?When I do math problems, I think about playing video games while solving math problems, is this the reason I suck at math??
A: When I do math, I think about not doing math…Focus on what you like and you will do well. Find good people to help you in the things you don’t like, and you will do well.
Who here thinks that reading is a very constructive and relaxing way to spend their own good time?????????????
Q: I absolutely love to read. I think that if more people thought that reading was awesome that we would have a great number of people who were educated and smart and intelligent. Reading literally can take you to somewhere else and you will never have to leave your spot. It’s like going through some portal that takes you to lands not recorded on the modern map.I love to read books in the genre of fantasy, realistic fiction, and occastionally historical fiction. Great authors like Roald Dahl, Karen Hesse, and whoever wrote the book Tangerine really bring out the story like it’s really happening. Because I have to go to my babysitter’s and her son only plays video games and doesn’t do anything else, I always sit around and read the book I brought. That means reading for like 3 hours at a time! But I think it’s a great way to spend my time, and it’s a real boredom antidote. So I think it would be great to meet someone who has the same urge to read for hours everyday this summer!!!So I have a favor to ask everyone on Yahoo! Answers: Could you all read like one hour everyday? You have no idea what that’s going to do to your brain and your functions! I know I’m only 11, but I’ve read enough about the human body and the brain that I know what will happen if you read a lot. You might get “sushy eyes” which means your eyes get all blurred and you feel slightly dizzy, but that doesn’t mean you are suddenly gonna get sick just from reading. It really does wonders.And reading isn’t supposed to actually be done to help your brain. You are supposed to read for enjoyment, and possible research to learn more. The more you obtain while reading the better your future will be and your functions will result to better…. results.I encourage everyone, all ages (except for babies and toddlers) to read, read, READ this summer! If you don’t know how to read or you are having trouble with it, I suggest taking extra classes or talk to your teacher. Have fun reading!!!!!!!
A: I agree.
should people stop using tv and computer and just reading books, should at least kids do that to become smart?
Q: Hello. for the past year I’ve been concerned about an essential fact to be know in society. my family are all doctors and in their younger days,especially youngsters they were avid readers, i can say BOOKWORMS. Books can contribute to the developp of your imagination,language,vocabulary, and get you a little brain stimulated and intellectual. now since tv has arrived in our society i thought that it melts our brains and our imagination, it is considered as a tool ”easily” to stop being addicted too and stop using which i think isn’t true because since sociey eventually motivates you to watch tv, you cannot stop using this waste time junk. video games could also be wasters but people love them and i ;love video games.I was told that i was smart and have skipped a grade with a gpa of 91but i think that i notice something has to be revolutionnized in my way of living. to be intelligent you need to read books, to get perspectives of other artists,others and great people who their contribution lead us to great ambition. we should also developp brain power, play sudoku, expand our general knowledge. is that it to developp yourself? should you stop using that tv and computer ? is there a good sort of path/ way to become intelligent like how about: everyday do 2 hours davanced math , homework, reading, and puzzles. but seems impossible to stop using tv and computer? give me a specific guide to go beyond the miles, expand my brain to the best it can be, acheive excellence in my future career being a medical doctor. and it all starts from intelligence. a guide to be intelligent please^? boy going to 8th gradeand reading how do i become a bookworm seems that i am interesting in books but other technological tools keep me away from it…please help!
A: Yes, kids should at least read books to become smarter. That is one way to develop yourself. The best way is to deeply understand the material, not just using the information in your book to understand it, but also outside of it. Like your own personal experience. I disagree. Stop using the TV and computer is almost impossible right now. Not with the fast speed and tons of information online and in the TV. Watching the TV and going on the computer also helps you learn. But, watching too much TV and computer is not good for you. Well, you could do two hours of advanced math, homework, reading, and puzzles, but the most important thing to deeply understand the material. So you know what it is. The one important way to be more intelligent is to deeply understand the material (like I said), not just use the information in the books, but also use sources outside of the book, for example: your own experience, etc. For reading books, read books that you are interested in, for example: video games, space, etc. Also if you’re not very interested in nonfiction books, and more interested in fiction books, then get short nonfiction books, or else the books might be a little boring for you.Hope I helped.
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