Do you have any tips for social anxiety

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an active, focused treatment for social anxiety, there isn’t much to do besides therapy. [ Source: ]
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What are the best tips to overcome shyness and social anxiety??
Let’s see. You have to be very willing to break out of your bubble and relax. People around you are just human beings. They wont attack you if you say something ‘wrong.’ You have to be optimistic and not let negativity get to you. There are…

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Any tips for someone who has had social anxiety and now is overcoming it, looking to develip a humor?
Q: I dropped out of school in the 9th grade due to social anxiety. Now i am 17 years old and am looking to make some friends in college. Notice that i missed out on the 4 most important years of socializing, learning what makes people laugh how to be funny, when to be funny, Ive been told before im as funny as a wall:(. Just wondering if anyone has tips on developing a humor.
A: Just remember not to take everything so serious. Listen to people carefully but understand that somethings maybe to make people laugh and not to be hurtful or mean. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.Try watching some sitcoms. They always have some funny situations in them or try to see the funny side of them. I know with my anxiety and stuff it has been hard for me to laugh with people. Sometimes you just don’t want to hear it. So take your time and listen. Keep a smile on your face. You’ll make plenty of friends in collage, some you can even share some of your past with. I’m sure once you get to know them you’ll fit right in.Take and never give up!
Any quick-fix tips on social anxiety?
Q: I suffer from social anxiety. I have never sought help about it before, but now that this situation is worsening, I am about to. However, I have to go out to a friend’s going away party very soon and I need some quick fixes to calm me down. Can you suggest anything?
A: No quick fix tips – You have to slowly change your attitude towards social events… Instead of making these events turn into things that cause you stress, you should look at them as places where you can have fun and enjoy yourself there.. Because most likely you ARE going to have a good time at these events.. Its tough to do, so dont expect it overnight… You may even want to talk to someone about it..
Any tips on battling social anxiety?
Q: I have social anxiety which really makes my life hell!Tomorrow we are having this talk from ALL these teachers and i’m quite nervous about it (teachers are authority figures that intimidate me)I seriously don’t know how i’m going to last for an hour without getting overly nervous…I’m considering not going to school at all! BUT i really really want to try get over this stupid anxiety problem!What should i do about tomorrow? I dont know how to relax with things like these…
A: I feel ya. The nervousness shaking after a while and the feeling of wanting to run out of a situation. here are a few anxiety helpers that have worked for me…Breathe. Be still put your hand on your chest and allowing yourself to calm. don’t breathe through your chest, but your diaphragm( stomach) sit still and feel the movement and it will calm you down.If you don’t have a nut allergy, eat some sunflower seeds before bed. it contains magnesium and anxiety reduces magnesium in your body that make you want to run out. eat some a few hours before you have to be around people and it may help and it’s natural, not a drug.I don’t know your age, but talk to your parents about it. They may understand and can help.
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