Do you help people who need help and are depressed

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We can help people who are depressed by giving information out on things to do to improve your emotional health, hotline numbers. [ Source: ]
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Yes, very much so. As we go up the scale of intensity to the severe depressions, the greater is the need for outside help, because we’re less and less able or willing to help ourselves. Light depressions are common experiences. We should al…
Why is it that people like me with depression never get the help …?
you don’t need a doctor or pills, you need to put it in your mind that you can and will do it , use the power of your mind to over come then tell your doctor he/she will be really grateful along with friends and relation’s, get started now …

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Are there hotlines for depressed people who feel desperate and need help immediately?
Q: Are there any hotlines for dpressed people to call, who need help immediately?i’ve been feeling really depressed today, way more than usual, i dont know what to do when i get like this nothing makes me happy and i feel like crying all the time. is there a number i can call? also i wonder if maybe i am bi[olar, because yesterday i was feeling more happy than usual, and now i’m totally opposite. i dont have health insurance but i need something cuz i dont think i can survive like this. i have a job orientation and an interview scheduled otday, and i’m not going to either one of them cuz i feel terrible. but i’m in debt and i need a job. is there anywhere where i can get help?
A: Yes there are hotlines you can call Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE(1-800-784-2433)LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255Depression Hotline: 630-482-9696You may also call 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255 from anywhere in the U.S. Dont delay call it now.They can help.
where do I meet people who need emotional support or who feel depressed and need good friends ?
Q: I love to ease the lives of souls who feel lonely, stressed and unnoticed. Have a feeling of worthlessness etc. I am running a health centre for the elderly people who have no one to look after for long-long hours because their earning members stay out for bread hunting. I feel like to serve their needs.
A: YA. The trouble is most of them aren’t willing to admit it.
Do people who are actually depressed think they are depressed?
Q: I know people who are crazy say that they aren’t crazy but do people who are depressed realise that they are depressed? I’m not comparing depressed people to crazy people I’m just curious to know if they consciously know that they are. Or is it more like an alcoholic who denies the problem but to recover they need to admit the problem? I’ve been really down recently and thinking about suicide and that would point to depression right? But I thought people can’t accurately diagnose themselves… I don’t know – all I know is that nothing will ever go right for me.Nothing has ever gone right. It’s been nothing but conflict my entire life firstly between my parents then between myself and my parents. I haven’t enjoyed the company of my friends since the beginning of last year and going to school is ‘physically painful’ – it’s completely and utterly uninteresting and unmotivating. This isn’t really what bothers me though – it’s more that I can’t find any purpose – there’s nothing I want to be here for or want to do… well there is but I can’t pursue it. Everything just goes around it a pointless circle. I need to know what I’m here for.
A: I keenly knew that I was depressed for most of my life. Life felt like a difficult, never-ending struggle, and I felt like I was fumbling around in a thick fog. More than anything I felt painfully, acutely alone. Nothing was going right, try as I might to surround myself with positive, helpful people I couldn’t. I said when I was 7 that I was so frustrated by life that I wanted to run out onto the highway and get hit by a car so I could just die. When I was a teenager I used to wonder what would be the most painless way to commit suicide. I went to probably 10 therapists before the age of 18 who all declared me happy, healthy, and just experiencing some “growing pains.” I knew it was otherwise. I knew I was different from people, and I knew my life was not going right at all. In college things came to a head after 4 awful, tear-filled, hopeless years and a particularly bad breakup. I knew the problem wasn’t the boyfriend, but every therapist kept saying it was. I would sit there and tell them, “My sadness about this breakup is a symptom of the problem, NOT the problem itself.” But they would just smile and nod pleasantly and tell me to try not to think of my ex and the girl he cheated on me with. Email me if you want to. The hardest thing when you’re depressed is feeling lonely and like nobody understands the misery you’re in. You’re right; they don’t, because they can’t, and that’s what’s the most painful.
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