Do you think dreams come true

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Yes I do believe that dreams to come true, because I married the man of my dreams. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Some of my dreams come true. For instance, I dreamt that I was shopping at Target, and, like, a month later the exact same image became real. So, I’d have to say yes.
Being on “Fame,” I don’t want to say winning “Fame,” really was a dream come true. I mean I didn’t even think I was going to get on the show. I wish you could have seen the auditions. They went to 4 cities. They went to …
Well it depends on what your dreaming. If you dream that your the savior of the world its obviously not going to happen. But if you dream you can be with that special someone, something like that can come true. But to be honest, I don’t thi…

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Do any of you people think dreams come true?
Q: I had a dream that i got my period n i asked my boyfriends mom she said that im not getting my period that im pregnant.I really dont know if dreams may be true do yall think i should wait?wait for my period to come
A: Dreams usually mean something, but they don’t necessarily come true. Dreams usually come out of things you are concerned about or things that you think about. You have to figure out what their meaning is. Perhaps you being pregnant in your dream meant that you are about to welcome something new in your life. It could be a new friend, a new job, who knows what. It could be anything.
Do you think dreams come true?
Q: If you keep having a reoccuring dream no matter how bizarre or out of the ordinary it may be (or so you may think) do you think it may come true one day?
A: Recurring dreams are about an issue that you don’t want to face in your life, they have nothing to do with being prophetic. If you can figure out the message they are trying to tell you about yourself, they will go away once the issue has been resolved…
Do you think people would donate to my organization. It will help peoples dreams come true.?
Q: I would value any opionions. I would love to create a chance to make dreams come true. I thank you for reading. I will look forward to any and all advice. I want to add on one more thing, these dreams that could come true are for anyone who has ever Dared to Dream…Help me …Help othersWith Sincere Regards,Janie Triboletti
A: If you get your 503C tax exempt status, write a good business plan, and start an advertising campaign, they might. However, there are hundreds of other charities doing this already, and some have huge advertising budgets, so I wouldn’t count on much.
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