Does everyone dream when they sleep

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Everyone dreams about 100 minutes per night; we just have difficulty remembering our dreams. [ Source: ]
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Does everyone dream while they’re sleeping?’re_sleeping
How Many Times Does A Human Dream While Sleeping? ・ Everyone dreams while they are sleeping but not everybody remembers it, so if people tell you they don’t … ・ Yes, but not everyone remembers them when they wake up. ・ Humans dream every…

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Does anyone else know that they are dreaming when they sleep?
Q: I know everyone asks about dreams and its hard for someone else to explain, but probably 4 out of 5 time i sleep, i know im dreaming. Does anyone else know when they are dreaming? For example: Last night i had a dream i was in my room. Yet somehow i knew i was dreaming so i went outside my house and stole the car outside. The second i knew i was dreaming, i wanted to do something fun. And if I realize I’m dreaming in a scary dream, i can close my eyes real hard and then I wake up. Is this what a “lucid” dream is?
A: Yes, that’s a Lucid Dream. Practice control of your dream. Stealing a car may be fun but there’s so much more you can do. I love to fly. I fly over the trees and sometimes I soar into space. Now this may sound bad to some but I love it! Sex! It’s always exciting. Lucid dream control can be used to concur fears, like public speaking. You can study for test, read books, and solve problems. The world is your playground. Check out the site below.
why do people dream when they sleep when they could just sleep without visions or nightmares?
Q: Everyone could sleep peacefully without dreams or nightmares.
A: Your dreams are your subconcious mind at work while you’re asleep.. Your mind is experiencing sensory deprivation, but it’s still ‘active’, and sense it’s not receiving any incoming input (sights, sounds, smells, tastes or touch) it ‘creates’ images, feelings and situations. Your mind cannot be ‘shut off’ like a light switch. Even when you’re asleep your sub-concious (primative) mind is still active.
Do psychotic plp dream when sleeping?
Q: I heard if people are real crazy, they can’t dream and their mind doesn’t get cleared up while sleeping. Have you ever heard of that?By the way everyone dreams during sleep even if you dont remember. them.
A: Are you talking about psychopaths and sociopaths?no, they can both sleep just fine. they usually are unaffected by the crazy things that they do. But drugs can do this to you. And when people repress things, leading to other problems, or with other temperate issues (like depression) it can happen sometimes.By the way, you’re misusing the term ‘psychotic’. people with psychosis are not necessarily all that crazy…
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