Have you ever cheated on a loved one

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No, I have never cheated on a loved one. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/have-you-ever-cheated-on-a-loved-one ]
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You caught your loved one cheating. What did you do? – LoveShack….?
Cornered them at the gas station gasing up the truck so they could head out of town together. When he left for his “meeting” I was suspect so I followed. He went right over and picked her up and headed to the gas station. I parked…
How do you go about finding out if your loved one is cheating??
The way I found out if I was being cheated on is doing research.. For one thing, it just fell in my lap. I heard things, asked him about it and basically found out the truth in the end. Pay close attention. The first thing you always pay at…
How to Admit Cheating on a Loved One
・ 1 Be honest. Don’t make it worse by lying about who it was or how it happened. If your significant other… ・ 2 Give them some privacy. Don’t admit your indiscretion in public, like over dinner or in a store. Your… ・ 3 Answer her questi…

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Have you ever cheated on a loved one? why so knowing that it would hurt them bad?
Q: What is on your mind as you cheat? Do you enjoy it at the expense of hurting your partner? How do you confront that loved one afterwards? do you lie or deny? What if they knew? What would you say?
A: I cheated…I did it several times…It was the biggest mistake of my life. I am very lucky that my wife accepted my apologies and we are still working on it all and trying to move past it. It’s hard but it is getting better everyday. I did it because I felt like she didn’t love me anymore so I thought it would make me happy. It didn’t and all I ever thought about was her and why the hell I did it. She found out about it al because I was not really trying to hide it to well. I think deep down a part of me wanted to get caught. I still regret it everyday and I try to remind my wife how much I do love her and how much she means to me.
have you ever cheated on your loved one?
Q: with a co-worker, friend of yours, his family memebers..etc. to the point where you got caught and it ended up in a break up with a great person. all because you wanted a one night stand. why did you do it? besides the one night stand. and risked losing all
A: NO NEVER HAVE, NEVER WOULD. Unfortunately I cannot say the SAME FOR MY HUSBAND. We have been separated for several months and still have no desire to cheat on him. I love him still.
Have you ever cheated on a loved one? Be honest, don’t lie.?
Q: Please give details to as why you cheated on them.
A: Yes, no reason
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